Numi Organic Tea – Tasting Justine’s Blend

Numi Organic Tea ReviewAnn About Town was provided with a sample of Numi Organic Tea Justine’s Blend for review purposes. Please note that all photographs and opinions are my own.

Tea Time

Although I am an ardent coffee-drinker, there are times you can’t beat a great cup of tea. A chilly evening, a sick day at home (even if it’s just a mental health sick day), or even a warm summer afternoon are a few of my favorite “tea times.”

Setting up a big glass jar in the backyard to brew sun tea always says Summer to me; what about you? I was recently asked to try Numi Organic Tea‘s newest tea blend from the “Create Numi’s Next Signature Blend Contest.”

Numi Organic Tea

Numi Tea was founded by a brother and sister who wanted to start a business together that would combine their passions. Ahmed is responsible for all the unique ingredients, tea blends and products from Numi; while Reem focuses on Numi’s commitment to sustainability. The siblings share a passion for all things tea as well–from the history of tea and it’s cultivation, to leading tea tastings and creating pairings.

Have you tried it yet? Smells divine! Justine's Blend of Numi Organic Loose-Leaf TeaMy Tea Blend Contest Winner

A contest was held for Numi Organic Tea drinkers, to create their own signature blend of tea; this year’s winner was Justine–who created a delicious mix of ginger, hibiscus, orange peel and licorice into her own winning blend of white tea known as Justine’s Blend.

It’s a loose-leaf, white tea blend that can be ordered online; as can their other tea blends; or you can look for Numi Organic Teas in your local store (they have an online store locator). Numi Organic Tea can also be purchased from Amazon.

When first brewing Justine’s Blend, the zestiness of the ginger is almost overpowering; but as the tea steeps, you can find the citrus and flower smells moving forward to soften the ginger’s bite. Depending on how long you let it steep and whether you’re drinking it hot or cold, Justine’s Blend can be strong and invigorating or mellow and smooth.

Iced Justine's Blend, such a pretty color!Drinking it hot brought out the gingery zest and the citrusy flavors; but drinking it iced brought out the flowery sweetness. Personally, I was surprised that I liked drinking it over ice much better than drinking it hot.

All of Numi Organic Tea’s blends are certified organic, Kosher & Hala Certified, and made with 100% real ingredients. Have you tried one of Numi’s Blends yet? They even have some beautiful flowering teas–they look like they would make beautiful gifts, don’t you think?

If you have a favorite tea or tea blend, please let me know in the comments below. I’d love to try some of your choices.


  1. I am a big fan of Earl Gray! But my favorite blend by far is Chai. I’ve tried some of the Numi herbal teas and they are great 🙂 However, I’m not a fan of ginger tea at all… but this bled you’re showing here is perfect for colds!

  2. This sounds great! I drink tea everyday, I’ll definitely try Numi next time I’m at the store!

  3. Ohhhhh Numi is so great — have you had their toasted rice green tea? It’s AMAZING. My other gaves — Talbot tea, Harney & Sons Paris tea, Earl Grey from anyone, Mighty Leaf’s Vanilla bean. I love tea.

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