Beautiful Life

In August 2017, Tupperware International decided to close the doors to BeautiControl. I was an independent consultant who used and offered their products to my clients for over 8 years; so I searched for something new for myself and my clients.

There are many ways to create a beautiful life; from improving our personal appearance, to enhancing our surroundings and more. Let me share the things that I’ve discovered with you, so that you can create your own beautiful life!

Monat Hair Care

Monat Hair Care

One thing I’ve discovered is Monat; a direct sales hair care company, who’s products reflect a combination of modern science and natural ingredients. If you’d like more information about Monat, you can contact me here at ann @ or take a look at my website.


I love these before and after pictures! Would you like to add yours? Then contact me today and take the first step toward your own beautiful life!