How to create your own French Happy Hour

Some links in this post are affiliate links–meaning, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission when you click through. This helps support the running of Ann About Town. Thank you! One of my favorite parts of spending 10 days in France this summer was our afternoon l’apéritif; that is, the French […]

Five Things to do on a Road Trip

Today, I have a special treat for you–a guest post from Kristin Stewart, who you can follow on Twitter at @InstaMommy.  Hope you enjoy it!   Whether you are heading out with friends on an adventure, or family on a much-needed vacation, road trips are always great fun. Before you head out, it is important […]


So I’m getting ready to start thinking about my trip next week (that takes a lot more preparation that you’d think–at least for me).  The thing about going away is that I love to go but I HATE to pack a suitcase.  Someday I want to be rich enough to either have someone else think about it […]

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