Permanent Makeup from Sheila Bella

Ann About Town was provided with permanent makeup services from Sheila Bella; please note that all opinions are my own. Have you ever considered getting permanent makeup? I did for years; but I was afraid of the pain, and wasn’t sure where to go or how to research it. So let me tell you about […]

Fleurever from BeautiControl

With so many events coming up–like the holidays, graduations, bridal or baby showers, etc–have you considered what you might get that special woman in your life? If they love fine fragrances, you should take a look at Fleurever from BeautiControl. With the alluring scents of warm vanilla, quince, pomegranate, lychee, white jasmine, cyclamen, rose, saffron, musk […]

NeriumAD Age-Defying Review

I received a set of NeriumAD Age-Defying Day and Night Treatments plus NeriumFirm Body Contouring Cream during the Lifestyle Bloggers Conference (#LBNC15 #LLBlog). All opinions and photographs are my own. What is NeriumAD? Nerium International was founded in 2011 and is based in Addison, Texas. Their product line address concerns that many people have regarding their appearance–wrinkles, […]

Besame Vanilla Brightening Powder

Disclosure: I received a complimentary compact of Besame Vanilla Brightening Powder, along with a vial of Decades of Fragrance 1920, while attending the annual Besame Holiday Party this month. Some links are affiliate links, which will provide a small income toward running this site. Holiday parties are springing up everywhere. Have you attended any good ones […]

Do You Need a Beauty Oil? Let Tierra Azul Convince You

There are always lots of trends in fashion and beauty; and one of the latest is the need for beauty oil. This isn’t really a new trend; people have been using beauty oils for centuries, to maintain or restore their skin, hair and nails . From naturally-derived oils, to custom-blended creations, beauty oil has once again […]

Shopping with the Target Beauty Concierge

Been shopping at Target lately?  I hadn’t; but when I heard they were starting a new Beauty Concierge service, I ran down there as fast as I could! In an effort to help women find the best products for their hair and skin, the Target Beauty Concierge will work with Target shoppers to provide personalized […]

The Eyes Have It

How do you clean and protect the delicate area around your eyes?  When I was growing up, we used baby oil and vaseline–thinking it was cleaning, moisturizing and protecting our skin (who are we fooling–we were sunbathing with baby oil too!).  Today though, there are so many products that say they’re delicate enough to use […]

Christmas in July with the Party Plan Diva

Do you love contests, give-aways and winning great prizes?  If so, then you should should definitely be checking out The Party Plan Coach every day during the month of July.  Lynsey Jones, also known as The Party Plan Diva, is a great source of information and advice for anyone in the direct sales and/or party […]