How to create your own French Happy Hour

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One of my favorite parts of spending 10 days in France this summer was our afternoon l’apéritif; that is, the French version of happy hour.

a great place to spend happy hourAt the end of every afternoon, we would get back to our chateau after a long, eventful day of sightseeing.

l'apero with french roseDropping our bags off in our rooms, we would emerge to sit on the patio and catch our breath–talking about the day, sharing photos and memories, and waiting for our tour guide Francis to emerge from the kitchen with a bottle (or 2) of delicious French wine and bowls of snacks.

Create your own French Happy Hour

Part of the charm of our French vacation was the whole learning experience. We booked our trip at Sojourner Tours; with the idea that we would “live like a local” while enjoying the Provence region. Once we were done roaming the French countryside, we would hurry back to our villa to enjoy the late afternoon; something I have taken to heart and try my best to practice every day.

French Rose for happy hourI start with a pretty glass of water, sometimes sparkling sometimes not; alongside a glass of wine. When I’m feeling very French, I will make it a glass of Chateau d’Esclans Whispering Angel Rose. But you can serve whatever wine you like!

Funny story–I first found this delicious wine, while wandering the aisles of my local Target; it is now a staple in my wine cupboard!

Olives from the farmers markettomatoes for Happy HourHappy Hour would not nearly be as much fun without snacks; so here are my suggestions:

  • salty snacks–nuts, crackers, chips would all work
  • fresh fruit and veggies–cut into bite-size pieces
  • small sliced baguette
  • cheeses, tapenade or a good olive oil for the bread
  • friends and neighbors to help you celebrate the end of the day

The menu can always be adjusted according to the number of people you invite. Just remember, this is not meant to be a meal; the whole idea of l’apéritif is to whet the appetite, to relax after a long day and to enjoy your surroundings–whether it’s your backyard at home or a lovely French villa!

l’apero commence

Our lovely French Villa

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