Monday Mingle-Business Edition January 23

Welcome to another week of Monday Mingle Business Edition, a weekly Blog Hop hosted by The Party Plan Coach, Lynsey Jones. This is where we get to talk all about our businesses and get to know each other and our readers a little bit better; feel free to follow our blog hop, leave us a comment and even join in!

Monday Mingle Business Edition-January 16

Welcome to another edition of the Monday Mingle Business Edition–a weekly blog hop, started by Lynsey Jones at The Party Plan Coach.  Please join us each week as we blog about our businesses and get to know each other better; don’t be afraid to jump in with your own posts and most especially, your comments! […]

Monday Mingle-Business Edition, January 2

Well, I’m putting my foot in the water again here; participating in another weekly meme (on top of the Living Well Wednesday meme from Natalie Collinson).  So here’s my first entry for our Monday Mingle-Business Edition, sponsored by our own Party Plan Coach, Lynsey Jones of Party Plan Divas. Let me introduce myself to those […]