Crabtree and Evelyn Travel Essentials can go (or stay) anywhere!

Ann About Town was sent a Crabtree and Evelyn Travel Essentials set for review purposes. Please note that all opinions are my own.

Whether you’re planning a vacay or staycay, it’s always important to remember we all need self-care. A good book, some refreshments and a stash of Crabtree and Evelyn travel essentials items, and you should be ready to go (or stay)!

Crabtree and Evelyn

Crabtree and EvelynBack in the early 1970s, Cyrus Harvey had a passion for travel, and an inherent desire for natural products. This set the foundation for him creating an international brand renowned the world over for its fragrances, body care products, fine foods and beautifully packaged gifts.

Customers went crazy for these interesting and unique products; and from this one small shop, Crabtree & Evelyn has grown to become a strong retail presence in more than 65 countries. The name Crabtree & Evelyn was inspired by John Evelyn, a 17th century botanist, and the English Crabapple tree, known for its beauty and use in home apothecary. It was Evelyn’s personal motto “explore everything, keep the best” that resonated with Cyrus and remains at the heart of the brand today.

Crabtree and Evelyn Travel Essentials

You can discover some great body care essentials from Crabtree and Evelyn, creating your own travel essentials kit to suit your particular needs and wants when it comes to self-care.

I was given this perfectly wonderful set that is perfectly sized to throw in a travel bag or decorate your dresser, counter or nightstand. Plus, these TSA-approved products are all you need to keep your skin hydrated, happy and beautiful all year long.
Crabtree and Evelyn Travel Essentials

NEW La Source ®Hydra Marine Nourishing Oil

This fragrant spritz of oil will condition your hair, face and body. Lightweight and non-greasy, this three-in-one dry oil features a fragrant blend of oils, antioxidant-rich green seaweed extract and blue sea lavender, to leave skin and hair supple and satiny soft; and the scent will make you think you’re sailing on the ocean! Spray on your hair and leave in for a deep conditioning treatment, or work it into your ends to make your hair feel soft and shiny.

Personally, I just spritz this all over, when I get out of the shower. It moisturizes my skin (great for post-shaving) and that oceany scent makes me really believe I’m on holiday!

New Gardener’s Intensive All-Purpose Balm

Cure dry skin patches and heal scrapes and scratches while traveling this summer, with this botanically infused, rich and healing balm. Herbaceous and botanical notes of cloverleaf, eucalyptus and rosemary lift the senses, while shea butter and beeswax soothe and moisturize chapped skin. Apply the balm on rough or dry skin and massage in for instant comfort and relief.

This stays in my make-up bag and gets lots of use. This works great when I get a paper cut (like every day!); plus it’s great for dry, chapped lips and skin. At night I put it on my heels and elbows too.

Caribbean Island Wild Flowers Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Therapy

When you keep this tube of Caribbean Island Wild Flowers Hand Therapy in your bag, not only will you get instant moisture and hydration but you’ll be surrounded by the scent of island wild flowers and night-blooming jasmine . This Hand Therapy is infused with macadamia nut oil, shea butter and aloe, so it nourishes your skin skin making it instantly look and feel smoother.

It makes for a great pick-me-up when I need a few minutes to relax. Just squirt it onto my hands and do a quick little massage on my fingers, and the delicious fragrance of wild flowers will transport me to a relaxed state of mind.

Crabtree and Evelyn Travel Essentials Giveaway

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  1. Christina A. says:

    I really love their rollerball fragrances! So easy to take with you!

  2. Their Gardener’s Hand Cream is my absolute favorite!

  3. I LOVE the hand creams!!! And every scent is AMAZING

  4. Their hand lotions are fabulous and I can’t wait to try the Caribbean Island Wild Flowers hand therapy!

  5. I haven’t had the chance to use the Crabtree & Evelyn products.

  6. Alaina Bullock says:

    I love their hand lotions!

  7. I love their hand lotions!!!

  8. Huge fan of Crab Tree & Evelyn here! I always look forward to be gifted their perfumes!

  9. I used to love their clothing line when they carried it, now I love all their little accessories.

  10. I really love their hand lotions!

  11. Rachel Travis says:

    West Indian Lime!!

  12. Gabrielly says:

    I haven’t had the chance to use the Crabtree & Evelyn products.

  13. their lotions are my favorite

  14. Bea Alexandra says:

    I love their Jajoba Oils. I have tried many of their products an am always impressed.

  15. Tracy Shafer says:

    I use the gardeners hand cream all summer long

  16. Deborah Farris says:

    Love their Goatsmilk Soap!!

  17. Jennifer Peters says:

    Their hand creams are the best one of my must haves during winter

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