Wicked Cow Burgers and Brews

Ann About Town was invited to a media tasting event at Wicked Cow Burgers and Brews. Please note that all opinions are my own.

Do you ever crave the feeling of walking into your local diner or pub and being recognized, high-fived, greeted by almost everyone in the place? Well let me introduce you to Wicked Cow Burgers and Brews, a gastropub/burger joint in Upland, California.

Check out the gourmet burgers at Wicked Cow in UplandSure, it’s out there in the IE (otherwise known as the Inland Empire); but Wicked Cow is definitely an original that you don’t want to miss!

Wicked Cow Burgers & Brews

Let’s start with the brews–they’re all from local breweries, no more than 50 miles away; so it’s easy to discover something new and delicious!The kitchen at Wicked Cow Burgers and Brews puts out LOTS of great food!

And then there’s the kitchen–it may seem small; but these guys put out a spread that’s mouth-watering! From starters to salads, burgers and sandwiches; everything is made to order and can even be customized for those who want vegan or gluten-free!

Did I mention the desserts? Again, delicious and unique creations that are big enough to share. Wicked Cow's bread pudding is delicious!

Don’t forget to ask about the seasonal specials they have. When we were there, it was close to Halloween–so we got to try “The Murder Burger.” The Murder Burger was a hit at Wicked Cow!

Wicked Cow is all in the Family

The inspiration for Wicked Cow comes from family patriarch, Mark Iwaszko. He worked for the city of Upland for 30 years before retiring; unfortunately, he passed away just 2 weeks later. His family decided to honor him, by starting up Wicked Cow Burgers and Brews in Upland.

The gastropub is owned by Iwaszko’s wife, Ingrid; and run by his daughter–Heidi Flores, the general manager. But when she’s not running the restaurant, she’s busy raising a family of 4 and working as a Bariatric Nurse.Heidi Flores is the General Manager at Wicked Cow

So next time you’re hungry or looking for a fun spot to stop in for great food, run up to Upland and give Wicked Cow Burgers and Brews a try–you won’t be disappointed!

Wicked Cow is in the Upland Village Center, at 131 Foothill Blvd, in the Inland Empire. You can also find them on Facebook and  Instagram.

Enjoy this "Kow-Rean" Burger from Wicked Cow!


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