Living Well Wednesday–May 25

Welcome back to our weekly meme, Living Well Wednesday, hosted by Natalie Collinson over at Coffee. Cupcakes. Cards. Oh My. Please check out all of our blogs there too; and feel free to jump in and join us every Wednesday.

In looking back at my previous blogs, it seems I have a time management problem (would this be an “Aha moment? No, more like “Duh!”). In my constant race to fit everything into a 24 hour day, I wonder how (and bow down to) those who have a tribe to organize in addition to themselves, handle all the tasks. How can they manage everything like that, when I can barely get to work on time?

Sometimes I wonder, dealing just with my own needs and schedules, how I manage to show up at all; while there is someone else ahead of me, with family/group/tribe all accounted for and (sometimes) neatly-dressed and (usually) happy. What do they have that I’m missing? Is there a time-management gene or nutrient that I’m deficient in? If so, where oh where can I find it ?

So, I’m going back to square one and start writing everything down; I love To-Do Lists.  They make me feel like I’m accomplishing something when I get to check things off and cross things out!  I guess I kept thinking that with all the great technology out there, it was going to keep me organized and sailing along smoothly.  Oops, not quite!  Either that or I’m more “old-school” than I’m willing to admit!

On a more positive note, I have been walking regularly (that would be:  with the dog, almost every night); clothes are still fitting a little loose, but I haven’t really checked the scale.  No, I haven’t put the gym back up yet either.  I have been trying to do some yard work too though–mostly, weeding, digging and pruning.  I’m trying to get my vegetable garden going.

So here’s my To-Do List for the coming week–start writing my list and keep it up to date; I’m going to multi-task here and have my to-dos and my accomplishments in one journal/list/notebook (ok, maybe in a couple of them…..or something that will hold lots of little scraps of paper…..I know, I know, the planner will come in handy here too!),  continue with my “exercise,” get to the dry cleaner (wow, has it been that long?), get to the Post Office, keep the To-Do List as up-to-date as possible.

And finally, come back next week and let you all know that I really can get this whole time-management thing under control!


  1. I am the To-Do list QUEEN!! And wait till you see my post about the Activity Log… I mean I COACH Time Management and it was a huge eye opener for me! 🙂

  2. I started making lists as well. It’s been working out pretty well so far.

  3. I just need to keep track of all the lists I end up making! LOL

  4. I just have to get on the scale soon to see how I’m REALLY doing though–I’ve been kinda putting that off!

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