Living Well Wednesday–May 11, 2011

Phew, I made it back this week, joining my friends at our weekly meme courtesy of Natalie Collinson from Coffee. Cupcakes. Cards. Oh My!  So welcome to another episode of Ann and Living Well Wednesday (key the audience laughter here).

I keep wanting to say “Life is crazy right now.”  In reality though, I think its always crazy; maybe I’m just being selective as to when I decide to notice.  This week for instance–no different than any other week, but man oh man, I feel like I’m running a race against the rest of the world, and I’m stuck in the mud, obviously in last place!

It all started last Wednesday I think (whoops, missed THAT LWW post too); time seemed to start slipping away from me and before I knew it, Friday had arrived!  The weekend was spent doing as little as possible in a futile attempt to conserve what little energy I could muster.  Thanks to my considerate bosses at Le Woof, I was able to celebrate Mother’s Day at home (OK, so I’m not really a mother; but I have one, so I decided I should celebrate in her honor!).

Needless to say, goals and aspirations have taken a back seat as well.  My main concentration lately has been work; namely, the dreaded day job.  For the last few years, the staff here has been reduced–from a one-time high of 14 people down to 2 now; and I think that its finally catching up with the 2 of us that are left.

Work, stress and feeling run-down have made my menu and down-time choices less than ideal; and with a girls-weekend-in-Vegas coming up I definitely need to work on that!  So starting tonight the Total Gym moves back into the living room and I’m getting myself off the couch.  I also have to get back to taking my vitamins–I’ve been letting that slide again too.

With my birthday coming up next week I’m going to check into getting a present for myself.  Let’s see how hard it might be to get my bicycle out of the garage and back on the street; hopefully that is something that will fit into the budget.  The sight of me back on a bike after all these years could be enough to send a few people screaming into the hills but I guess I’ll have to take that chance!

So hopefully next week, you’ll find me all caught up, healthy and on track again; but if not, just give me a minute (or a day or so)–I’ll find my way eventually!


  1. Hi Ann,
    Great job in getting back to exercise! Hope you can get the bike up and running. The last time I rode a bike, I fell into a mound of fire ants. After the benadryl, hubby says that I basically slept for two days!

    But, hey, no fire ants in California, right?

  2. Ouch! Sorry to hear that! We do have those ants here, but defintaly not as bad as in other areas of the country. I hope that bike of mine is close to the front of the junk pile that has become my garage though; the weather lately has been making me want to ride!

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