Join Me for the Ultimate Blog Party 2013

Ultimate Blog Party 2013As busy a week (or month, or year) as I’ve had–I’m so happy to be able to attend this year’s Ultimate Blog Party, hosted by the gals over at 5 Minutes for Mom.  I’ve participated in this party for a couple of years now; it’s a great way to meet other bloggers from all over!

Networking is a big part of my life; and I’ve found that the skills I learned promoting my direct sales business have become invaluable in connecting with bloggers, blogging groups and potential companies and customers interested in connecting with me through my blog.

Stepping out of My Comfort Zone

Starting my blog in 2009 was one of the best things I’ve ever done.  I’m a writer at heart–been at it since junior high.  I was once even told by a psychic that writing would be a big part of my future.  Seems to me that the prediction has come true!

SoCalLadyBloggersBlogging has done a lot for my social life too; I’ve joined up with a local group, SoCalLadyBloggers, and have made so many new friends, been invited to lots of great events and had so much fun–all because I decided to step out of my comfort zone.  I’ve attended some great conferences and have been learning lots of new things (especially when it comes to the behind-the-scenes computer stuff).

Fashionably Late but Finally Here

So here I am, ready to start the party; and happy to jump around the internet and meet the rest of you #UBP2013 attendees.  Thanks for stopping by and lets talk again soon!

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  1. Welcome to #ubp13! You’ll meet lots of cool people (like me – haha) and have a chance to win prizes. 🙂 Are you a redhead? I am and I’m also in the midst of writing a memoir. We seem to have some things in common.

    Anyway, please stop by my blog and my etsy store .

  2. I can totally relate to steeping out of my comfort zone when I began blogging many years ago. It was such a great experience and I loved sharing my stories and hearing about others stories through their writing. I am stopping over from the UBP and am glad I hopped on over to your blog.

  3. Ann,


    Visiting you from #UBP13! I’ve enjoyed looking around your site and am excited to read future posts. Congratulations on stepping out of your comfort zone. I know that was hard and a bit scary.

    Please stop by anytime for a cup of tea, coffee or another beverage and let’s get to know each other a bit better.


  4. Hi Ann! Stopping by from #UBP13! Nice to meet you! I’d like to invite you to stop by my UBP blog – all about healthy chocolate, and we’re doing a UBP party giveaway! By the way, we’re SoCal, too – San Diego!

  5. Hi Ann! It’s my first time with the Ultimate Blog Party – and it’s been a lot of fun! The name of your blog really caught my attention! I really like the look of it! Head over to my blog at for some great lighting decorating ideas, and be sure to enter our UBP party giveaway! Thanks!

  6. Hiya Ann! Pleased to meet you! Visiting by way of UBP 🙂 Very nice blog! I’m also going to check out the SoCal Lady Bloggers ~ very cool!

  7. Great! We’d love for you to join us over there too!

  8. I’m late! I’m late! I’m stopping by from the UBP13. I hope you stop by our party for a slice of warm banana bread and cold milk.

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