In an Uproar

So yesterday, some of you will remember I had a migraine and stayed home from work. I decided to take a nap in the living room, since it was darker in there; before I fell asleep though, there was such a racket–the dog was after one of the cats–Phoebe, I thought.
But noooo, apparently my room mate left her window open and the neighborhood wild cat (not really wild, but only on screaming terms with my crew) decided to come in and check things out. Conner chased him in and under my bed before I could figure out what was happening.
When I finally figured it out (you know how seconds seem like hours), I was lying on my bedroom floor trying to sweet-talk this cat, who looked like a cross between a large gray tomcat and a mountain lion, into climbing out my window. All the while this was happening, the dog was bouncing out of his skin to get in there and I could hear each of the cats in various states of panic and anger at the nerve of this intrusion.

Needless to say he finally left; but the rest of the evening the entire animal crew was out of sorts. Sandy finally crashed on the couch early in the evening–she was the most bent out of shape, because she sees herself as being in charge, and I spent the evening with the other two cats fighting over who would get to use me as a pillow.
Amazingly, this morning the migraine had pretty much gone. I guess all I needed was a little excitement huh?
I’m sure some of my blogging buddies like Jan will appreciate a tail like this!


  1. Oh no! My mom once thought she was grabbing our high strung Siamese cat and tossing her inside for the night. Turns out she grabbed a neighbor’s Himalayan that was very docile. All kinds of chaos ensued as my cat attacked the imposter! We still laugh about it 30 years later, but I bet that kitty is STILL running!

  2. Thanks so much for participating in the blog bounce at I am following you on networked blogs! I didn’t see a spot to follow you on here. πŸ˜‰

  3. Thanks!


  1. […] dogs, and three cats (not counting the occasional guest and visitor–like this) makes for a very full […]

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