Hot Ruby Cranberry and Citrus Cocktail

Ann About Town was provided with Hot Ruby Cranberry and Citrus for review (and recipe experimentation) purposes. Please note that all opinions and photos are my own; and not to be used without my express permission.

Living in Southern California, we don’t always have access to certain regional food and drinks. For instance, when I was approached to try Hot Ruby, I had to look it up to see exactly what I was getting myself into. Even though I spend time in Texas with my family, I had never seen or heard of it. And I am very happy to introduce you to this delicious cider!

According to their website, “Hot Ruby is a great addition to almost any mug on a cozy evening; but it’s just as tasty served over ice.” They are happy to share recipes and drink ideas on the website here; and I’ve been experimenting with a few things myself. So read on and see what you think.

Hot Ruby Hot

Serve Hot Ruby hot!On a chilly (for Southern California) afternoon, I decided to give Hot Ruby a try. First I heated a cup of it by itself–it was a pretty strong flavor; almost too much for me!

Next I brewed a cup of chamomile tea and added Hot Ruby to the cup–about 2 parts hot tea to 1 part Hot Ruby–added a little lemon and a squeeze of honey; and discovered the perfect way to warm up on a cold day!

Hot Ruby CocktailHot Ruby on Ice

Southern California weather being what it is, a few days later the sun was out; and I was ready for a cold drink when I got home from work. So I looked at some of the great recipes available and thought I’d try my hand at creating something just a little different.

Starting with some apple liqueur infused bourbon whiskey, I proceeded to add my Hot Ruby–using 2 parts whiskey to 1 part Hot Ruby over ice–and thought it was pretty good.

But then I started looking for something to add, that would put this drink over the top. After a couple of different tries, I found that a shot of gingerbread syrup was just the right touch!

Voila–the Hot Ruby CranApple Cocktail was a hit!

Hot Ruby Extras

Breakfast and dessert options with Hot RubyLooking for a couple of other ways to enjoy Hot Ruby drink mix? I put my brain to work and came up with another dual-purpose, yummy idea.

In a small sauce pan, I added about 1 cup of Hot Ruby, a teaspoon of vanilla and a little bit of maple syrup and boiled it down to about half.

I started off pouring it over my waffles for breakfast–DELICIOUS! Then I decided to try it over ice cream; and am so happy I did! Usually I’m a chocolate ice cream or chocolate syrup kinda gal; but after trying this Hot Ruby concoction, I’m a convert.

Created on a small Texas farm in the 1950s, Hot Ruby is based on a family recipe. Ruby Faye simmered her cranberry cider recipe in her kitchen at home; and the delicious drink was shared with family and friends alike. Unlike typical ciders, Hot Ruby blends cranberry and citrus juices with the perfect blend of spices; creating the perfect taste for every occasion.

Many people enjoy Hot Ruby by itself, served hot or over ice, or even with their dessert. For a little extra kick, you can add a favorite spirit, soda or sparkling water to this versatile drink. No matter how you try it, the people at Hot Ruby are certain you will find delicious comfort every time!

Have you ever seen or tried Hot Ruby? You can find where to purchase Hot Ruby for yourself, or order it from their website. Let me know in the comments, and tell me your favorite recipes too.

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