*Holiday Sparkle*

With the holiday shopping season ramping up, I thought I’d offer a little help to all of you shoppers out there.  From now until Wednesday November 9th–when you spend $50 at my web store ABC Spa Escape, I’m going to send you a full-sized Herbal Serenity Foot Creme ($5 for shipping & handling).

This time of year can add a lot of stress, with all the malls starting their holiday sales, the driving around looking for parking places, the traffic getting from one place to another–all added to the stresses we are already dealing with every day!  Why not take a few minutes to “shop from your seat and not from your feet,” and let the internet and ABC Spa Escape do a little something to help you out.

BeautiControl is offering some great specials right now, and there’s still plenty of time to get things shipped off to where ever they may need to go!   One of the best offers we have right now is the Holiday Sparkle Case; you will receive over $450 in full-sized products for only $125 (plus tax, shipping & handling), plus the opportunity to purchase some more exclusive products from BeautiControl.

The best thing about the Holiday Sparkle Case though is that you can actually make money with this special!  Perhaps you don’t need everything in this kit; you can sell part or all of it and you’ll make $325!  Who couldn’t use that extra cash?  If this is something that interests you, please contact me for more information–this offer is only good through the end of November.

In the meantime, make sure you check out all the great gift sets available for men & women; and remember that $50 will get you that wonderful, fragrant, and oh-so-luxurious bottle of Herbal Serenity Foot Creme (for yourself or for someone else!).


  1. Lynsey Jones says

    How funny – I JUST told Mike this morning that I needed some new foot care lotion of some sort since I am back to wearing boots all the time again. (Yay for Fall Fashion!!) Heading over to check out your site! Awesome incentive Diva!!

  2. Thanks! I love this stuff–I even take it with me when I get my pedicures.

  3. The Sparkle Kit sounds awesome. Definitely have to check it out!

  4. I’m ALWAYS looking out for my Divas!

  5. April Dabel says

    What an awesome deal Ann.

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