Happy Halloween

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Do you see a shape in this photo? There was no mist that night; this photo was the only one with this haziness.

Although I’ve seen a lot of those ghost shows on TV (especially now that its Halloween), I’ve never taken a picture that showed something like this; at least not that I’ve ever paid attention to.

Just for the record, as far as I know nothing happened during the event I attended with Xenia.  But there is a little information about this estate and how it may be haunted, if you google Paramour Mansion.

paramour mansion dinnerHaunted or not, it is a beautiful place in a gorgeous location with stunning views.  I really enjoyed the evening, which was a promotional event for the launch of Martell Caractere in the United States. At the end of the evening, we were gifted with our own bottle of Martell Caractere.


  1. Oooh! I would think the same thing if I saw something like this show up in a group of pictures. It must be harder to come by now that pictures are digital and erased for any blur or imperfection. Spooky!

    • It’s kinda weird, because I didn’t see anything when I took the picture. The grounds & the buildings and the views were all so beautiful!

  2. That picture gives me the creeps. Spooky indeed!

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