Fresh Brothers Pizza arrives in Newport Beach

Newport BeachIn 2008, Fresh Brothers hit the California pizza scene in Manhattan Beach. Since then, Adam and Debbie Goldberg have been busy garnering fans and spreading their pizza– love across Southern California. I was recently invited to taste the Fresh Brothers menu at their newest store in Newport Beach, California. All opinions and photos here are my own.

Fresh Ingredients

To be honest, this is the second time I’ve had Fresh Brothers food; the first was at the #LaLLBlog14 conference in downtown Los Angeles. As they state (right on each and every menu)

Fresh Brothers Pizza

Salads, pizza, sliders and more

Our recipe is simple, and ours alone. Handmade dough; the finest mozarella in the country, our own pizza sauce, made fresh daily, with super-secret spices straight from Chicago; baked wings and appetizers–never fried; and fresh, handmade salads.

 I’ve always found that quality and fresh ingredients are something that you can taste; and I can definitely taste it in the food I had at Fresh Brothers in Newport Beach!

 Fresh & Tasty

From the moment we arrived, Debbie and her crew were eager to have us try everything! So we gave it our best shot. The Farmer’s Market Salad was full of flavor and great textures; and it was hard to resist the fresh-from-the-kitchen Fresh Knots with their garlicy, buttery smell.

The pizzas were all amazing, but the hands-down winner was The Miller Special–a delicious deep-dish crust, piled high with 5 pounds (no that’s not a typo–FIVE POUNDS!) of meat. Some other things not to miss are the Meatball Sliders, and (my personal favorite) the Sweet Chili Buffalo Wings.

Fresh Brothers

Sweet Chili Buffalo Wings

Fresh Brothers Pizza also offers Gluten Free crust and Vegan ingredients, so there’s something for everyone. And to make things really easy, you can order online, on their Facebook pages or even through their apps for IOS or Android.

What do you think?

Have you been to Fresh Brothers yet? They have locations in Los Angeles, Orange County and the Valley. Let me know what your favorites are, or tell me what you’re interested in trying first. I can’t wait to go back for more!


  1. Hand over that garlic knot! OMG. The food looks deLISH! I will have to check this eatery out! Thank goodness they do veggie/vegan…even more reason to try! 🙂 Anna

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