Can Mood-lites help Your Mood? Product Review

I received 2 Mood-lites  for this product review; all photos and opinions are my own.

Mood LiteKathryn Goetzke is the innovator and creator of Mood-lites and The Mood Factory; her mission–to improve your mood. It seems to be an obvious conclusion (at least to me) that color can affect your mood.

It was pretty obvious to Kathryn Goetzke as well, when she founded IFRED (the International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression). According to her research, less than 25% of people with currently diagnosable depression are receiving treatment; and she wants to change that.

Mood & Sight

The sense of sight is one of our most advanced senses. For the most part, we use it without thinking–you’re using it right now! There have been lots of studies over the years, on the association between mood and color. These associations can be affected by culture, by memories we associate with a particular color, and even by our physical responses. I even found a report where scientists had found that a blindfolded person can experience psychological reactions under different colors of light.

Color therapy has been gaining acceptance in helping with mood, motivation and general well-being. Haven’t you found that when you’re wearing certain colors, you feel better? I know I have.


Since it’s winter, I’ve moved my computer station AND put up new curtains in the back corner of the living room–I have several lights that I have on when I’m working there. So when I received the two Mood Lites–Renewal and Passion–I changed out some light bulbs. Both bulbs are CFL (compact fluorescent lights); so they use 13 watts of energy, last up to 8,000 hours, come in a variety of colors to fit your every mood, AND 25 cents from every sale is donated to charity.

The lights are also available as incandescent, flood, “flame” shaped porch and CFL porch lights; and can be found at most local Lowe’s stores. The colors are very pretty and the lights are bright (even the green one). The red Passion Mood Lite made my office space feel warm and cozy while I worked in the evenings; and right now the green Renewal Mood Lite is  on (hopefully) working its magic to promote a sense of rejuvenation as I work.

passion mood liteI’ve had the red Passion one lit up for over a week in my office area, and although I don’t feel like I’ve been more productive, I have been more interested in sitting here and working–so maybe it is helping! When you check out the Mood Factory’s web page, there is even decorating advice and a downloadable Tip Sheet.

All in all, maybe these Mood Lites are a little gimmicky; but the colors are really pretty and the next time I’m at Lowe’s, I think I’ll be picking up a few more colors to try out!

Let Me Know

What about you? Have you ever used colored lights in your home? I remember having a black light for my fluorescent posters when I was a teenager. What kind of colored lights or Mood Lites do you think you’d want to try? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Now you’ve got me wanting to check them out as well. Moving from sunshiney south Florida to (currently, wintery) North Carolina is seriously affecting my mood, when it’s grey and dreary out.
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