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A Quiet Evening at Home

quiet evening

After years of interruptions and postponements, my roommate finally went in for her knee replacement surgery (at almost 71 years of age to boot). Part of the foot-dragging was from my life–family problems, illnesses and lots of out-of-state travel; but I think she was not so eager to go under the knife again. She had […]

Do You Need a Beauty Oil? Let Tierra Azul Convince You


There are always lots of trends in fashion and beauty; and one of the latest is the need for beauty oil. This isn’t really a new trend; people have been using beauty oils for centuries, to maintain or restore their skin, hair and nails . From naturally-derived oils, to custom-blended creations, beauty oil has once again […]

Ultimate Blog Party 2014

Ann About Town Pixorial

Who doesn’t love a party? Certainly not me; so I’m definitely attending this year’s Ultimate Blog Party 2014–hosted by the gals at 5 Minutes for Mom. Just like any great party, there are party favors for the guests; and a chance to connect and re-connect with bloggers from all over the world. This is the fourth […]

Taking a Magical Mystery Tour–Guest Post

Magical Mystery Tour

Today I’d like to give a warm welcome to Renee Dalo of That Bride’s Got Moxie–she’s guest-posting here as part of a blog posting trade-off I’m participating in.  Thanks to AJ Feuerman of Confessions of a Fat Girl, a group of bloggers have agreed to trade off with each other and “walk a mile in […]

Texas Bluebells

Texas flowers

I just love how the spring rain brings out scads of these flowers. the park near my Mom’s house was just covered in Texas Bluebells (and bees). If you’re driving out on the Texas highways, you will see them there as well. It’s always a beautiful sight to see such a beautiful shade of blue next to the drab gray highway.

Wine with Wilfred Wong-BevMo Riverside

Wilfred Wong

Please note that I received compensation in exchange for writing this post; however, all opinions and most photographs are my own. If you read my blog or follow me on social media, you will have noticed that I enjoy wine, wine-tasting events, visiting wineries, and more. So it was with great enthusiasm and anticipation that […]

All Natural Organic Snacks from SunRidge Farms

SunRidge Farms

After spending two weeks with my family in Texas, I came home to a pleasant surprise. I received four packages of SunRidge Farms All Natural and Organic nuts to sample and review. All opinions and photos are my own. If you’re like me, you like (OK LOVE) to snack; so its always a good deal […]

Bittersweet Treats in Pasadena

Bittersweet Treats

I was invited to spend an evening at Bittersweet Treats in Pasadena; to meet the owner and staff, to taste their delicious treats and to tell you all about it. So here goes… Bittersweet Treats is a woman-owned and run business that opened in November of 2012. Linda Chen started out as a young girl, […]

Spring Flowers


Unfortunately, by the time spring arrives–these flowers will be long gone.

Talking Turkey Tacos-from Del Taco

del taco

Eating healthy is the catch-phrase of the day; and Del Taco is on the front of that bandwagon with their fresh, healthy and tasty fast food options. The newest offering from Del Taco is the Turkey Taco and the Turkey Crunchtada. I was provided with a gift card, in order to visit my local Del Taco and […]

Childhood Lost


I have been away from my childhood for many years now; past the college years , a marriage, a divorce, singlehood (singledom?) and yet… For 20 plus years I have visited my parents in Texas, not my childhood home– but when I’m there, it seems that childhood is right there, just over my shoulder. Now the years […]

Welcoming in the New Year–Stretch

Stretch 2014

Well, it’s here–welcome 2014! The last year has been a difficult one for me, and I’m glad to be able to wake up and start a new one–fresh, clean and open to a world full of possibilities. As I did last year, instead of creating a ton of resolutions, wishes and hopes–I’ve chosen one word […]

Can Mood-lites help Your Mood? Product Review

Mood Lite

I received 2 Mood-lites  for this product review; all photos and opinions are my own. Kathryn Goetzke is the innovator and creator of Mood-lites and The Mood Factory; her mission–to improve your mood. It seems to be an obvious conclusion (at least to me) that color can affect your mood. It was pretty obvious to […]

Friends and Mothers


Holidays are a time for family and friends; a time to make memories and think back on the past;and that’s what I’m doing here. Last year, I spent most of  December tending to my dying father in New Mexico. This year my focus has shifted to my mother living in Texas. Mom has received a terrible […]

VROU Healthy Water for Women & the 64 oz Challenge

healthy water for women

I was provided with 3 bottles of VROU Water for Women, for review purposes; all photos and opinions are my own. As I have watched friends and family grow older, I have realized two things; one-that I’m getting older too, and two-that we all need to take really good care of ourselves. To that end, […]