Yogurtland brings more colorful flavors inspired by Trolls

I’ve professed my love of Yogurtland frozen yogurt before, and always love being asked to share what’s new and delicious there. Today I even have a Yogurtland Gift Card to give away to one of my lucky readers!

The movie Trolls has inspired 10 new flavors of Yogurtland frozen yogurtInspired by the lively and fun characters in the new DreamWorks Animation film Trolls, Yogurtland introduced 10 colorful flavors, a new topping and two collectible spoons; available October 20 – December 21, 2016.

“This wonderful family film inspired us with its creativity and optimistic message for young and old alike. Our colorful Trolls flavors give our fans of all ages something to sing and dance about,” said Phillip Chang, Yogurtland founder and CEO. “Just like the film joins family together on a wild ride, Yogurtland brings family and friends together to experience a deliciously inspired flavor spectrum.”

10 Trolls-inspired Frozen Yogurt Flavors

These flavors will have Yogurtland (and Trolls) fans singing, dancing and smiling while enjoying all of these yummy flavors–inspired by the colorful and fun characters from the film, Trolls:

The new Trolls-inspired Yogurtland frozen yogurt flavors and toppings are delicious!Poppy’s White Chocolate Raspberry

Cooper’s Caramel Apple

King Peppy’s Chocolate Covered Pretzel

Branch’s Peanut Butter Caramel

Guy Diamond’s White Chocolate Peppermint

Creek’s Butterscotch Pudding Gelato

Smidge’s Cinnamon Donut Holes

Biggie’s Frosted Cookie

Satin and Chenille’s Blueberry Mangosteen Tart

DJ Suki’s Cranberry Raspberry Tart

To complement these flavors, Yogurtland has introduced Milk Chocolate Mini Twist Pretzels as a topping too. These chocolaty twists perfectly combine sweet and savory into each crunchy bite!

Also for a limited time, Yogurtland has two new collectible spoons–inspired by the Trolls main characters Poppy and Branch.  These collectible spoons are only available while supplies last; so hurry in to get yours!
Yogurtland frozen flavors are all complemented by a huge assortment of toppings!

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The Yogurtland Difference

Separating Yogurtland from the competition is their team of flavorologists, who develop proprietary recipes for more than 250 different customized flavors. Whether traditional or exotic, each flavor uses real ingredients sourced from their original locations. By controlling the entire frozen yogurt-making process, Yogurtland has raised the standards for flavor and quality to new heights, much to the delight of millions of fans.

Yogurtland frozen yogurt comes in 250 customized flavors; which one is your favorite?All of Yogurtland’s flavors meet the National Yogurt Association Criteria for “live and active culture frozen yogurt” and are produced in their own kosher-certified facility in Paramount, California.

Yogurtland features non-fat and low-fat frozen yogurt flavors as well as non-dairy and no-sugar-added choices; using milk that doesn’t contain antibiotics or added hormones. Plus, all the sorbets’ fruit flavors are fortified with Vitamin C for an extra healthy boost.

Connect with Yogurtland on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, add them on Snapchat at @yogurtlandinc or visit online at Yogurt-land.com.


  1. I get the same thing most of the time: coconut, cookies and cream, and red velvet (or cake batter) topped with reese’s pb cups!

  2. I’m the most boring froyo person – I usually mix vanilla, chocolate, cookies n cream. However, I see they’ve got Chocolate covered pretzel and Cinnamon Donut Hole… I’d love to try those!

  3. I love their plain tart with cheesecake and top with kiwi and mango slices!

  4. The Branch’s Peanut Butter Caramel sounds amazing!!

  5. I have to say, I don’t miss many foods since being diagnosed with food allergies – however… Frozen Yogurt – Oh yessssss! I do love and miss that stuff FOR SURE

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