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Stretch 2014

Well, it’s here–welcome 2014! The last year has been a difficult one for me, and I’m glad to be able to wake up and start a new one–fresh, clean and open to a world full of possibilities. As I did last year, instead of creating a ton of resolutions, wishes and hopes–I’ve chosen one word to define the coming year for me.


This time of year a lot of people will be making their resolutions, goals, lists full of hopes and dreams–me included. But I’m not going to limit myself to New Year’s Resolutions for 2014; I’m going to wake up every morning with something in mind–a place to start my day, a direction to point my intentions, and most especially, an affirmation to stretch myself–physically, mentally, and any other way that will move me to a more positive and productive place!

Join Me

I want to stretch myself physically–I’ve spent a lot of 2013 sitting; not moving as much as I’d like to. So I’m going to stretch my physical boundaries–more exercise (physical and mental); more travel (local and long distance); and most especially live my life with more healthy choices.

I want to stretch my limitations–I’m going to move out of my comfort zone; expand the boundaries of what I think I’m capable of; and most of all, ignore what others may tell me I can and can’t do. This will be the year that I stretch myself to reach the goals I set for myself AND to reach beyond them to the next plateau, and the next, and the next…..

I want to stretch my time. Maybe that’s doesn’t sound physically possible, but one thing I learned last year was that tomorrow is a long way off; and that you can’t always count on things to work out. Plans and dreams are a great thing to have, but don’t wait until tomorrow to reach for them.

I have a stack of books waiting for me to find the time, a stack of craft activities, letters to answer, friends to meet and new things to try. This is the year I’m going to stretch myself to achieve all of these things and more. Let me know what you’re going to do this year–leave me a comment below and we can hold each other up, and push each other onward.

So in the immortal words of Buzz Lightyear……

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  1. Yay for moving out of your comfort zone =) Looking forward to seeing where 2014 will take you Ann =) New endeavors, maybe??? heheh
    Jamie recently posted..2014 Word of the year (Be) Genuine! #OneWord365My Profile

    • Definitely new endeavors, and rejuvenating some old ones. Plus, here’s a hope to get out of town in your direction at some point!

  2. Love it – and love how your are applying it to several aspects of your life! You cannot help but be successful having stretched beyond where you are today Have a fabulous 2014 Ann!
    Karen Clark recently posted..Happy 2014!My Profile

  3. I love the idea of choosing a word and applying it to so many parts of your life. It’s like a mantra for sure! Now I feel like getting one for myself! 🙂

    • You should! It’s a great way to feel like you’re achieving things all year long–instead of looking at a long list of resolutions that may end up falling by the wayside.

  4. I like the word stretch. It is so easy (but not so satisfying) to just stay within our comfort zone. Look forward to seeing you soon & wish you the best in all you stretch for in 2014!
    Raquel recently posted..My Word for 2014 – PrioritiesMy Profile

  5. Thanks; looking forward to seeing you as well! Happy New Year.

  6. Sounds like great plans! I’m with you, stretch! Now I just need to remember I said that! (I started doing Doonya earlier this week — definitely a stretch. I’m used to Zumba and working out in general, but this puts a new spin on some of your muscles while having fun. I’m really enjoying it, though I dance like an elephant in a leotard.) I don’t make resolutions, just ‘now that we’re past the holidays, I’m going to re-focus..’ type of goals. Easier for me to keep without feeling like I’ve failed one more thing!
    Dee recently posted..What to do if you can’t make it to blogger conferences?My Profile

    • I’ll have to check that one out (Doonya??) I wasn’t much for Zumba, but love any kind of slow, stretching things–yoga, pilates, tai chi….

  7. Awesome! I used to wear a wristband that said stretch on it to remind me to stretch myself beyond my comfort zone. That’s really the only way to grow. Looking forward to connecting with you during the Biannual Blogathon Bash this month. 🙂

  8. Great idea~ I want to stretch too and give myself a little more time away from the computer screen. I loved meeting you ladies in Las Vegas for NMX! I need to do a lot more in PERSON meetings for 2014.
    Melany B recently posted..Snarky Relationship & Social Media Tips from VegasMy Profile

  9. Kyomm (Vow.Move.Live.) says:

    I love it… perfect word to live by for 2014… I would like to stretch my limitations by focussing on my strengths this year! I am visiting from the SITS tribe!
    Kyomm (Vow.Move.Live.) recently posted..Fruit smoothie goodnessMy Profile

  10. Nothing like a few good stretches to start out each day throughout the year! I’m in your SITS tribe and look forward to connecting!

  11. Hi Ann,

    I love your Stretch Resolution. I believe we all wish we had enough time to accomplish everything on our lists. My 2014 resolution is to be more organized. Visiting from the SITS Tribe, I created a thread here http://bit.ly/1dqklBq. Nice to meet you and I look forward to connecting this week! Hope to see you there!
    Tickles & Tots recently posted..Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.My Profile

  12. I love how you are looking to stretch yourself in so many different ways that will only better you! Self improvement is always a great thing!
    Nikki recently posted..Overcoming Difficult SituationsMy Profile


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