Texas Storm

Big-Texas-Sky-Ann-About-TownThe last trip I made to visit my family was right before the summer equinox. There were storms blowing in the Pacific and storms running across the mid-West.

My family lives far enough south (in Corpus Christi, Texas), that most of these storms left us only with big blustery winds and clouds that were…..well, the size of Texas.

The weather across the country has been crazy of late–I’m sure you’ve noticed; flooding in some places, and a long continuous drought in others. I’ve been traveling a lot lately, between south Texas and southern California; and both areas have been hit hard by a lack of rain. This photo was just a tease of a rainstorm. There were scattered showers across the coastal bend, but nothing near what is needed.

Just a tease from the rain gods.


  1. We just came back from the East Coast and there was a lot of weather going on in the midwest. I have not been to Texas ever, but hope to visit wone day. Hope all your travels are safe Ann!

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