Texas Blue Bonnets

Texas flowersI just love how the spring rain brings out scads of these Texas blue bonnets. The park near my Mom’s house was just covered in Blue Bonnets (and bees). If you’re driving out on the Texas highways, you will see them there as well. It’s always a beautiful sight to see such a beautiful shade of blue next to the drab gray highway.


  1. Oh god, when I saw this post title, I swore it said blue BALLS and I was like “WTF is Ann writing about over there?!?!?!”

    Pretty flowers! 😉

  2. Ooh, they’re so pretty!

  3. They kind of remind me of snap dragons. Love the color!!!

  4. Oh those look nice. I looked them up and according to Texas Gardener (dot com) it does not seem like they will grow well here in Ls Vegas. Still, Spring is certainly one of my favorite times of year when these beautiful colors come out of hiding.

    • They are so pretty; I can’t grow them in California either. I only ever see them when I’m visiting my family (and there’s a good soaking rain–then they blanket the ground).

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