A Taste of Anatolia-Nar Gourmet Products

olive oils, spices & jamsI recently received a box of Nar Gourmet spices and olive oils in the mail, for review purposes; all opinions and ideas here are my own. When I first opened the box, I was really pleased to see how beautifully bottled each item was. They look gorgeous even just sitting on the counter.

Nar Gourmet from Anatolia

In 2007, Nar Gourmet began offering regionally-grown and produced line of artisanal vinegars, oils, jams and spices. They have chosen products and ingredients to showcase the rich bounty and regional tastes of the Anatolian area of the Mediterranean.

The company recently launched themselves into the U.S. market, and after sampling the products I was sent, they’re sure to be a hit. “Our products are the embodiment of everything that’s healthy and delicious about the Mediterranean diet,” said Samir Bayraktar, CEO of NAR Gourmet. “We are proud to introduce Anatolia’s rich and diverse traditions to the U.S culinary market.”

The package I received included one each basil, lemon and chili pepper naturally flavored cold pressed olive oils; a bottle of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil; oregano, basil and ground dried tomato spices; sour cherry and orange peel gourmet jams.

Taste Testing Nar Gourmet

Nar GourmetFirst thing I did, was bake some biscuits and scoop the jams on–fresh from the oven. The sour cherry jam has a delicious, fresh-fruit taste–not too tart and not too sweet, just lots of cherry taste with whole cherries.

The orange peel jam was a little confusing to me. As fun as it looks, the peel is a little tough; so I’m guessing this is not a jam for bread. When I tried it on its own, it was much better. I would definitely use this as an add-on to a cracker and cheese platter.

I’ve had a wonderful time the last couple of weeks, tossing the flavored olive oils into various dishes I made at home. First off, I added the chili pepper olive oil to my egg salad. I made enough to last for a couple days worth of egg salad sandwiches; and by the end of the batch, I was sold.

Just a big splash (probably about a teaspoon-full or so) infused a sweet/hot flavor into the mix that made my mouth pop with each bite.
Nar Gourmet

Cooking with Nar Gourmet

Next I marinated a thin-sliced cut of steak in it, along with the dried tomato spice, a little garlic and some salt and pepper. All I can say is–delicious! The dried tomato spice gave a delicious hint of tomato to the sweet/hot taste from the chili pepper oil. I can see this combination working well for grilled pork too!

We are big fans of fish at my house; usually we’ll have baked, seasoned fish a couple times a week. When I drizzled the lemon flavored olive oil, along with the dried tomato spice in the pan, and then over the cooked fish afterwards, it was delicious; a wonderful accompaniment.

Pasta Sauce

Last night I decided to make pasta. I’m usually kind of lazy when it comes to making pasta sauce–I’ll start (or finish) with italian or ranch dressing; sometimes doctoring it up, sometimes not. So last night, I started with ranch dressing, added basil, oregano, dried tomato and fresh garlic; then finished it off with chili pepper flavored olive oil.

Nar GourmetAfter mixing it all up, I added veggie farfalle made with pureed carrots and squash; then finished it off with sun-dried tomato and herb goat cheese crumbles. I will definitely be making this combo again (and again!).

If you’d like more information about Nar Gourmet, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest; plus they have more recipes here.

You can also watch this video from their website (and dream of visiting this beautiful countryside). Do you have any ideas or recipes you think would work with Nar Gourmet products? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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  1. Oooh, I love your recipe idea! I’ve been looking at adding a lot more veggie dishes to our menu. Now that the husband is more on-board with it (aka not really complaining anymore about meatless meals) I need to take advantage of it and wow him. These spices and products look delicious and I love it when you can get so creative with new ingredients!

  2. This looks like a great company. I love cooking with olive oil and those spices are perfect for soup, pastas and meat dishes!

  3. I love when things I normally use, like Olive Oil, are packaged in pretty bottles. You have made my mouth water for these oils and herbs. Yum!

  4. Oooh, I’ve fallen in love with olive oils lately.. would love to try this brand out… =) Looks like a great company.

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