Hot Ruby Cranberry and Citrus Cocktail

Ann About Town was provided with Hot Ruby Cranberry and Citrus for review (and recipe experimentation) purposes. Please note that all opinions and photos are my own; and not to be used without my express permission. Living in Southern California, we don’t always have access to certain regional food and drinks. For instance, when I […]

Have you ever tried Applesauce Pie?

We have a lot of potlucks at work, and I have always been a designated dessert-bringer; especially after I developed this recipe for applesauce pie.  Friends and family have been after me to get it written down for them–so I finally did. I’ve always consider it more of a pie than a cake, because the […]

4th of July Potluck with the Ladies

With the 4th of July looming, I’ve been invited to a virtual potluck with the SoCal Lady Bloggers; and like any decent potluck, I do have to bring a dish to the party; so here’s my contribution below. This time of year, I am always happy that I have a garden.  Some seasons I tend […]

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