Shopping with the Target Beauty Concierge

Been shopping at Target lately?  I hadn’t; but when I heard they were starting a new Beauty Concierge service, I ran down there as fast as I could! In an effort to help women find the best products for their hair and skin, the Target Beauty Concierge will work with Target shoppers to provide personalized […]

Christmas in July with the Party Plan Diva

Do you love contests, give-aways and winning great prizes?  If so, then you should should definitely be checking out The Party Plan Coach every day during the month of July.  Lynsey Jones, also known as The Party Plan Diva, is a great source of information and advice for anyone in the direct sales and/or party […]

Color Your Summer with BeautiControl

Summer is here, and that means its time for a color update; for your wardrobe and for your make up.  Do you ever wonder what the “color of the season” is, or whether its something you’ll be able to look good in?  Do you imagine that you’ll have to re-do your entire wardrobe each season, […]

30 Days of BeautiControl Favorites-Introduction

On June 1st, I hope you will come back to participate with me in 30 Days of Faves, a daily meme sponsored by the Party Plan Coach, Lynsey Jones.  Please join me and my fellow bloggers and follow our meme at 30 Days of Faves to check out each of our favorite products. Each day one of my favorite […]

Spring Trends 2011

Spring is right around the corner–March 20, 2011.  Here’s a great video from Gary Jones, VP of Marketing, Research & Development at BeautiControl.  There are some on-trend tips for choosing your make up wardrobe and how to apply it so you can look fresh and stylish this spring. Take a look at your make up […]