Conners Adoption Tail

As a brand ambassador for Just Right by Purina, Ann About Town receives content to share and compensation. Please note that all opinions and photos are my own. I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I’m a featured blogger this month (April 2016) on the Just Right by Purina blog. My […]

3 Things about Quality Dog Food that your Veterinarian wishes you knew

As a brand ambassador for Just Right by Purina, from time to time Ann About Town receives premium content to share with you. This post is based on information provided by Just Right by Purina; however, all photographs and opinions are my own. In an age when tons of information is available at the click of a keyboard,we depend on the internet for advice […]

How Personalized Nutrition works for your Dog (Infographic)

When you hear the phrase “personalized nutrition,” what do you think it means? Sometimes when you look at the list of ingredients on the side of a package, it reads like another language (at least in my opinion). But if you’re able to create a personalized nutrition plan (whether for yourself or someone else, like […]

Don’t Let Your Dog Kibble Confuse You!

Celebrating Dogs Every Day

Every year, the 3rd full week of September is celebrated as National Dog Week. August 26, 2016 will be National Dog Day. October is Pet Wellness month. Some people may limit their celebrating to just a day, a week, a month; but if you’re like me, you are celebrating dogs every day. Celebrating Dogs This year was the 75th […]

Mealtime for Dogs

As an ambassador for Just Right by Purina, from time to time I am provided with great information like this to pass on to you. I thought I was pretty knowledgeable, when it came to mealtime for dogs; but as with so many things in life–there’s always more to learn.

Do You Know Dog Poop? If You Own a Dog, You Should!

Warning: you may not want to read this around meal time. As a Brand Ambassador for Just Right by Purina, I was provided with this infographic to share some important information to help you care for your dogs.  OK, so dog poop isn’t exactly popular dinner conversation (at least not at my dinner table); but […]

How to Keep Your Dog from Becoming Overweight

This information is provided by Just Right by Purina. Although I am compensated for providing this information, all opinions are my own. Many people think of their pets as part of the family. When we have a special meal, we want to share it with them, just like the rest of the family. And just like […]

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