Texas Blue Bonnets

I just love how the spring rain brings out scads of these flowers. the park near my Mom’s house was just covered in Texas Bluebells (and bees). If you’re driving out on the Texas highways, you will see them there as well. It’s always a beautiful sight to see such a beautiful shade of blue next to the drab gray highway.

I Love My Garden

I love my garden full of roses; they’re in the front yard and the back yard.  Sometimes its overwhelming because I think I have close to 40 plants (along with everything else I’ve got growing). The thing about roses is that they remind me of my grandfather; as a child, I remember him lovingly tending […]

Living Well Wednesday–Spring

Well here it is, another Wednesday; and I’m joining in on our Living Well Wednesday meme, courtesy of Natalie Collison from Coffee. Cupcakes. Cards. I have been waiting for the grand arrival of Spring for a few weeks now; and even though the calendar says its here, I feel like I’m still waiting for it […]

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