Farmer’s Medley Dog Treats from Milk-Bone

Ann About Town (and my dogs) recently partnered with Milk-Bone to try their new Farmer’s Medley dog treats. We received a Farmer’s Medley package for review purposes. Please note that all opinions and photos are my own; and should not be used or copied without my express permission. With 2 dogs in my “fur-maly,” we […]

How My New Year’s Resolutions have Gone to the Dogs

January always brings thoughts of improving my life (at least for me). New Year=New Year’s Resolutions. Just to be a little different, this year I thought “what if I could also get my furmaly involved along with me?” Milk-Bone (the makers of my boys’ favorite treats, who have provided me with a doggy dental & wellness kit) […]

20 Foods Dogs should Never Eat (Infographic)

A few years back, I was working in a dog bakery as one of my part-time jobs. It was there that I learned a lot about which foods you should and shouldn’t be feeding your dog. The owner had gone through an internship and did a great deal of studying to find the healthiest things to […]

New Neighbors

This is my Dad’s backyard in New Mexico.  These are not his dogs.  Now that my Dad is gone, I guess this is my backyard; and these are not my dogs.  They live next door and sneak through the fence; OK they don’t really sneak, they kind-of stroll through–like they own the place. They bark […]

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