3 Back-to-School Tips For the Whole Family

Dogs and their human companions have something very important in common: we are both creatures of habit; and with the change of seasons, sometimes we need a jump-start to change up or refresh some of those habits. Milkbone provided me with a box of dog-gone fun, in order to share 3 back-to-school tips for you and […]

3 Things about Quality Dog Food that your Veterinarian wishes you knew

As a brand ambassador for Just Right by Purina, from time to time Ann About Town receives premium content to share with you. This post is based on information provided by Just Right by Purina; however, all photographs and opinions are my own. In an age when tons of information is available at the click of a keyboard,we depend on the internet for advice […]

Yoga + Dog = Doga

Do you love yoga? Are you looking for new ways to connect with your dog? Well here’s a great way to spend quality time with your dog and get your yoga on! So get down with Doga! Source: Fix.com

How to Keep Your Dog from Becoming Overweight

This information is provided by Just Right by Purina. Although I am compensated for providing this information, all opinions are my own. Many people think of their pets as part of the family. When we have a special meal, we want to share it with them, just like the rest of the family. And just like […]

Know your Dog’s DNA? Wisdom Panel 3.0 can find out

This post is sponsored by Mars Wisdom Panel 3.0 Have you ever wondered what kind of dog is really sitting there next to you? Maybe they look like a Beagle, but act like a German Shepard–have you ever considered testing your dog’s DNA? Dog DNA Insights As frivolous as it may sound, DNA testing for your dog […]

Valentine’s Day has gone to the Dogs

We all know what February 14th is (even if some of us choose to ignore it)–yes, it’s Valentine’s Day. Those of us who do celebrate, will go out and buy cards, treats and gifts for our friends and loved ones; but does that include our dogs? What about our favorite fur-babies? Have you ever thought about… […]

Just Right by Purina

Please note that this post is part of a Brand Ambassadorship with Just Right by Purina. All opinions written here are my own. #JustRightbyPurina As a pet owner in general, and a dog owner in particular, I have always made it a point to find the best, healthiest dog food I can for my furmaly. […]

Thunderleash Review

  I was provided with a Thunderleash for my small dog, for review purposes; as always, all opinions are my own. I’ve never had two dogs at the same time, but recently adopted a rescue pup who has stolen everyone’s  heart.  Since then, walk-time was proving to be much more exercise–both physical and mental. The […]

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