Happy Cat Month with Weruva BFF OMG!

Ann About Town was provided with Weruva’s BFF OMG! Cat Cuisine cans and pouches to try (that would be “for the cats to try!”). Please note that all opinions are my (and my cats’) own.  It’s time to celebrate Happy Cat Month again and now is the perfect time to address the ‘big cat in the […]

Happy Healthy Cat Month–Celebrate with your kitty!

September is Happy Healthy Cat month, and Meow Mix has asked me to help you celebrate with your own kitty! They’ve even given me a couple of special gifts to share with you; so keep reading… My Cats ARE My Family Life is nothing without family, right? And whether its family we’re born with or family […]

Not Quite The Cat in The Hat

All About Me — Day 11

Anyone who has known me for a while, knows I love animals–a lot. I think I feel a certain kinship with them, especially my own pets. I have always considered myself a cat person though. If you have pets, you know the world is divided (some say widely) into cat-people and dog-people. And I have […]

In an Uproar

So yesterday, some of you will remember I had a migraine and stayed home from work. I decided to take a nap in the living room, since it was darker in there; before I fell asleep though, there was such a racket–the dog was after one of the cats–Phoebe, I thought. But noooo, apparently my […]

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