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sculpted silhouette studioI spent an evening at Sculpted Silhouette in Los Angeles and have a very important question for some of you. Just for the record, I received a discount on merchandise I purchased, in exchange for this post.

Ladies, how does your bra feel right now?

If you’re like me, I thought it fit OK; that is until I met Lorne Wellington of Sculpted Silhouette–a certified fit specialist, who changed the way I look and feel in my clothes.

I used to buy my bras at a popular mall and internet store that everyone (and their brother/boyfriend etc.) has heard of; and while I still love those items, thanks to Lorne I now have a much better idea of what my bra size is supposed to be–as opposed to some gal eye-balling and guessing. For the record, I would never have dreamed of even trying on the size Lorne gave me.

Sculpted SilhouetteSculpted Silhouette‘s Studio

Lorne works out of a small studio, inside an intriguing little shop called Cultural Interiors, on West Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles. It was there I went for my fitting.

Lorne began her career after taking a trip to France, and stopping into a lingerie shop there. She was amazed at the great fitting lingerie she found there and she decided to bring her discovery to others.

There are three ways you can get your own Sculpted Silhouette; Lorne and her company do private consultations in their studio, your own home or you can invite friends over and have a bra party. Lorne is also proactively involved in teaching her clients about proper breast health; and works with breast cancer survivors, because she feels everyone has a right to feel great about how they look.

Lingerie Wardrobe

According to Lorne, every woman should have a wardrobe of bras. Figure that you are wearing one almost every day and it should make sense. A woman needs at least two workout/sports bras, one strapless bra, one teeshirt bra, one pretty bra (not just pretty to look at, but that makes you feel pretty too!); and these should be in a range of colors–black, white, peach; you name it.

Personally I have a small wardrobe of bras; mostly because I love the idea of a black one, but it sure looks funny (at least to me) under a light-colored top. Since I shopped at Sculpted Silhouette, I’ve picked up two that I love. I plan to get at least a few more–the strapless bra I’m currently using is (to put it mildly) older than dirt, so that’s next on my wish list.

Shopping with Sculpted Silhouette

sculpted silhouetteOnce you’ve had your fitting, and found something you like–remember it can take a few weeks to receive your purchase. You have to remember that most of Lorne’s inventory is coming from Europe.

The catalogs that she has show these gorgeous bits of lacy lingerie and I found myself planning out my next few purchases with no trouble at all. I picked out one to start, and could hardly wait for it to arrive. As you can see, when I received the package, it was definitely worth the wait!

Lorne also instructed me in the proper way to care for my bras. Obviously, a bra should be washed gently and air-dried; and never invert the cups; you may want to use socks or something to help them keep their shape while they’re sitting in a dresser drawer.

Get your own personal fitting

If you’re interested in contacting Sculpted Silhouette, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, or by calling them at 323-778-2109.

Have you had a personal bra fitting? Let me know about your experience in the comments below.


  1. A personal bra fitting had me wearing the correct size and also helped understand the different cup sizes, it is a must for all females! It is a fun experice.

  2. I have had a fitting, but that was a while ago and my figure has, ahem, changed a bit since then. I just returned from France and they are really big into lingerie! These items are beautiful!

  3. Yes Raquel! On my first trip to France I got a proper fitting and bought lingerie set in a variety of colors. I was so excited.

    Norah a fitting can change a lady’s life. At Sculpted Silhouette we make it fun and informative.

    When you are ready call us at 323-778-2109 for your fitting.

  4. A few years ago I had heard a statistic that the majority of women are wearing the wrong bra size… and I believe it.. I’ve never been measured properly myself… Sounds like a fun night out! =)

    Hope you’re doing well Ann! Sending good thoughts your way.

  5. I recently had a bra fitting and wow, was I surprised! I’d been wearing a size 34DD. Come to find out I am a size 36G!!! I didn’t know they made bras in that cup size. Fortunately the store I visited had bras of this size in stock and on clearance. I purchased 2 bras and the difference is amazing. Yes, they were expensive, but with the proper care, they should last a good long while.
    Visiting from SITS

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