Rubys Summer Shakes are Making Waves

Ann About Town was provided with dinner and the opportunity to try the new Ruby’s Summer Shakes from Ruby’s Diner in exchange for this post; all opinions and photos are my own. Please do not use photos without permission.

With summer around the corner, my thoughts always take me somewhere near the beach; maybe it’s because I’m from Southern California. And after spending a day at the beach, or even just out in the summer weather, I’m looking for a great place to eat.

One of my go-to restaurants after a day of summer fun (or even after work) is Ruby’s Diner. There are two in particular that I love to visit–the one on the end of the Huntington Beach pier and the one on the end of the Balboa pier.

Ruby’s Diner has 40 locations across the United States; you can find one close to you here.

Ruby's Diner burger & friesIf You Don’t Know Ruby’s Diner

The original Ruby’s Diner opened in 1982 at the far end of the Balboa Pier. The 40’s diner concept was chosen for Ruby’s Diner, to reflect Balboa’s heyday in the 1940s; and with their simple menu of hamburgers, hot dogs and malts, Ruby’s became a hit!

Calling All Chocolate Lovers

I was at the Ruby’s Diner in Long Beach recently, taste-testing their newest promotion.Rubys Summer Shakes


For a limited time, you can order one of Ruby’s delicious made-to-order shakes in one of three special flavors, chock-ful of Hershey’s candy-bar chunks. They are Double Chocolate, Heath Bar and Kit Kat Bar flavors; and with whipped cream and a cherry on top (OK, so I ate the cherry before I got the picture taken!).

My Favorite Ruby’s Summer Shake

To be honest, I am a dyed-in-the-wool chocoholic; so I figured that nothing would compare to the Double Chocolate Shake. But when I tasted that Heath Bar Shake, full of frozen chunks of Heath Bar and rich ice cream–I was hooked.

Ruby's BLTA sandwichIt was the perfect accompaniment to my delicious BLTA sandwich and onion rings!

Your Turn

Which Ruby’s Diner do you like to go to? Did you know that each one is decorated according to it’s own theme?

Let me know your favorite Ruby’s menu item, and which shake you’d like to try first in the comments below. I’m just going to assume you want to try all three, like I did!


  1. We just visited a really nice Ruby’s in Cabezon, on our way to Palm Springs. We were so tempted to get shakes but we were having breakfast! I promised the kids we will go to our local Ruby’s for shakes very soon!

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