Rain in Southern California

Rain in the gardenWe had a real rain storm last night. It started right after dusk; as we were sitting in the backyard finishing up  a delicious barbecue dinner, enjoying camaraderie and conversation–there were a few scant raindrops and then a deluge. It was just what the garden ordered.

This morning, I woke up to the quiet sound of a light rain. It was peaceful, soulful, refreshing. I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to sit quietly, to see nature, to meditate–so I got my cup of coffee and went outside.

Drought & Rain

California is in the midst of an “exceptional drought” with many cities and counties instituting measures to conserve water use and punish those who ignore these measures and waste this precious resource. Unfortunately, this current rainstorm is a proverbial “drop in the bucket” to what we need. At least my own garden will appreciate this storm.

Conservation Methods

rain in the gardenAre you using any conservation methods to help with this drought? My roommate has been working to create a xeriscape in my yard–using more plants that need less water. I used to think this meant cactus and a dry, brittle looking landscape.

My garden still has beautiful plants, full of color and texture; but it also uses less water, less intense care and maintenance–leaving more time for enjoyment.


This summer storm sparked a yearning for creativity in me this morning. While I was drinking my coffee, I had to jump up and snap some photos.

Then I played with PicMonkey and voila! Let me know what you think about my photos–I’d love to hear from you.
rain in the gardenrain in the garden



  1. I love the picture with the leaves and raindrops!

  2. I love Picmonkey! It is the only photo editing tool I use. Your rose and raindrop photos are beautiful Ann! We got a little rain on Saturday evening – we really need it.

    • I use PicMonkey all the time; LOVE it!The rain was really nice wasn’t it? Too bad it was still so warm. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Pretty photos! I need to use PicMonkey more.


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