Odysseo brings Horsepower to The White Big Top

Ann About Town was provided with VIP Tickets to experience Odysseo by Cavalia in Irvine, California. Please note that all photographs and all opinions are my own.Odysseo Cavalia Entrance with the beautiful herd of metal horses

We were all bundled up against the chill of the evening as we pulled into the parking lot of the White Big Top.

We arrived early, because we were both looking forward to what we were about to see–Odysseo Cavalia.

Not only were we going to see the show, but we were given VIP passes (for Social Media Night), so our evening included:

  • Preferred seating
  • Buffet dinner, served before the show
  • Wine, Sparkling Cava, and beer at will
  • Soda and popcorn
  • Dessert Buffet including coffee & tea served during intermission
  • Exclusive stable tour after the show
  • Odysseo Cavalia souvenir

The White Big Top

Our dinner buffet from Odysseo CavaliaIt’s hard to miss the White Big Top when you drive along the 5 or 405 freeways in South Orange County.

Rising 124 feet into the air, the tent encompasses 17,500 square feet of stage and seating for 2,000 people.

But before the performance, we were treated to a delicious buffet meal, open bar and the chance to mix, mingle, shop and appreciate the true beauty of the horse.

At intermission, we returned to the VIP tent to enjoy scrumptious desserts and more sparkling Cava (our drink of choice for the evening).

Odysseo Cavalia

The beauty of Odysseo is that it takes the relationship we humans have with horses to such a high level that the performance feels more like a ballet than an equestrian show.

The amazing performers of Odysseo CavaliaYes, Odysseo is more than just a horse show. The music is live, and hauntingly beautiful. There are acrobats that perform amazing stunts, and even the set design is fascinating to watch as it slowly morphs and changes.

But the true stars of the show are the 65 horses, along with their riders, who take the audience on a journey across the world; with all the performers–both human and horse–showing their amazing skills and artistic abilities.

You can get a small taste of Odysseo Cavalia if you click the video above. Of course, if you want to experience the whole thing for yourself, you can get ticket information, show times and more hereSome of the wonderful performances of Odysseo Cavalia

Tickets to Odysseo by Cavalia would make a wonderful gift (hint, hint); and even if you didn’t spring for the VIP passes with all the fun extras that we enjoyed– I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed in the show.

It was truly a moving and magical experience!

Have you ever been? Let me know and tell me what you thought in the comments.

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