Living Well Wednesday — May 18

Happy Birthday to ME! Although I’m not big on huge celebrations for my birthday, I have always maintained that this day is a holiday. I’ve made it a point to take off from work, relax, celebrate in my own way as much as I can. Is that so wrong? Everyone has always teased me about this, but hey–if its a holiday, what are YOU doing working?

Actually, this last week has been very busy for me; so this little break is really nice! Its the end of the school year right now, so lots of jobs are piling up; and of course our copy machines don’t work well under pressure sometimes (go figure).

The weather hasn’t been cooperating much for exercising outside either; rain, wind and cold the last few evenings have made it hard to want to walk the dog. I have been forcing myself to stretch and get a little bit of yoga in, but not enough! This fact was made clear to me on Sunday when I went bathing suit shopping with a girlfriend–it was just like a horror movie when I looked in that mirror!

Since I still haven’t gotten the Total Gym out to use and the weather is not fit for bicycling, I suppose I should commit to something in order to look at least presentable in the bathing suit–especially since it will be getting its debut in Las Vegas (YIKES!).  OK, sit ups it is; plus walking (even in the rain–if Gene Kelly can do it, so can I!).

Hopefully, next week you’ll find me feeling a little more svelte and relaxed.  But in the meantime, pass me another piece of cake please; didn’t I read somewhere that birthday cake doesn’t have calories?


  1. Yay! Happy Birthday!

    Visiting from #commenthour.

  2. This cake looks so good! And I’m actually so hungry!


  3. Aww man! Look at that cake! happy Birthday!

  4. That cake is gorgeous. Happy birthday!

  5. Visiting with SITS comment hour love!

  6. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and time to relax as well as exercise.

  7. Diane @ OhDiane says

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy and you can have all the cake you want!

  8. Happy Birthday! Getting in shape is a great way to start a new year.


  9. Very happy birthday to you! Definitely eat an extra piece of cake!

  10. Thanks to all my visitors from the SITS Comment Hour; what a great birthday present!

  11. Happy Birthday! I agree that its YOUR birthday so you should spend it how you want! {Can someone please tell my mother in law before my 40th gets here at the end of the year?? She loves to throw surprise parties, I hate them!}

    • The one time my mom tried to throw me a surprise party–she told me, because she wanted to be sure I’d be there! LOL

  12. Happy Happy Birthday to you!! And you’re right, birthdays Are a holiday! Hope you enjoy yours! :>

  13. Catalina says

    Happy birthday!! I hope you had a second slice of that beautiful cake. How can you resist? #commenthour

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