Living Well Wednesday–March 7, 2012

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The past few weeks and months have found me scrambling to keep up with everything I’d like to get accomplished.  Life keeps jumping into this mix to scramble things up for me–as it does for everyone I’m sure;  just enough to keep me on my toes, constantly thinking, plotting, planning.

Sometimes I feel like things are coming together and sometimes it feels like a puzzle with a couple of pieces missing.  But I think I need to learn to accept the bad with the good; and to make a concerted effort to look for good where ever and when ever I can.  Just this week, for example–things have gone from bad to good to really bad to ecstatically great!


The week started off with me waking up to a lovely little migraine on Monday (kind of an “M” theme there); then finding that the house down the street was being sand-blasted all afternoon–so no hope of a peaceful, restful day at home.


That evening, I got to enjoy a lovely dinner with friends though, and got to experience some great new products that are now available at ABC Spa Escape–gorgeous new lip colors, and a wonderful new, limited edition fragrance line–Island Sunset.  The following day, I found that I had misplaced $20 destined for someone else’s wallet–its bad enough when you lose your own money; but thankfully, the cash turned up at home.


I had also spent a couple of days reading about Bloggy Boot Camp, considering whether or not to attend what sounds like a wonderful learning experience and really fun event.  Since I’ve only been blogging a little over a year, I consider myself to be very much of a novice and am always looking for more information–seriously though, I’m that way about most everything.

Last year I had heard about Bloggy Boot Camp and the SITS Girls, participating in some of their twitter parties and blog hops; and found out about BBC just as the tickets to the event near me had sold out.  So this year I was really interested in attending!  Well tonight was the Twitter Party, capping off the end of Bloggy Boot Camp Day.

Great!……Oh oh

Lo and behold, I was one of their Twitter Party winners; and now hold a “golden ticket” to attend Bloggy Boot Camp!  I can hardly wait!  Now though, I’m starting to get nervous–what if they find out I’m not a real blogger?  Oh oh!  I’d better figure out how to act like a real blogger!

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