HUMAN Healthy Vending #Review & #Giveaway–And the Winner Is…

I was lucky enough to come home the other day, to a front porch full of goodness, courtesy of my local UPS guy!  Just take a look at all of the great healthy snacks sent for me to review from HUMAN Healthy Vending.  When you finish reading this, you’ll find a giveaway down at the bottom of the post–so you can win a box of goodies from HUMAN Healthy Vending, just like this!

Healthy Snacks Giveaway

Healthy Snacks

First thing I tasted was the Boom Chicka Pop.  Just for the record, I’m a popcorn addict, and was a little hesitant to try a “healthy” popcorn; but let me tell you–I’m a Boom Chicka Pop FAN!  With only 35 calories, zero trans fats (certified gluten-free to boot) AND a great tasting snack–how can I not be a fan?

Then I was driving home, stuck in traffic and looking for a snack–so I pulled out the bag of sweet potato tortilla chips from Food Should Taste Good.  The only bad thing about this was the sudden urge for and lack of finding any guacamole or salsa to dip these chips in.  That would have made a great chip taste even better!

And there was the morning I didn’t have time to eat breakfast til I got to work; the Kind Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt Bar was absolutely my favorite new treat to eat!

HUMAN Healthy Vending

HUMAN (Helping Unite Mankind And Nutrition) Healthy Vending is out to revolutionize the vending machine industry.  They found out that it wasn’t enough to just put a healthy, nutritious snack into a regular vending machine; they needed to create a whole new experience when using a vending machine.

The USDA has created “Smart Snacks in Schools” guidelines, which take effect on July 1, 2014.  These rules set limits on calories, fats, sugar and sodium while encouraging the consumption of dairy, whole grains, protein, fruits and vegetables.  You can find more information about these guidelines, and how HUMAN Healthy Vending is working to assist in this effort here.

From energy-efficient machines, to healthier snacks, to a fun and  more inter-active experience, HUMAN Healthy Vending is changing the way that customers use vending machines and choose their snacks.   In fact, HUMAN Healthy Vending has worked with thousands of schools across the country to make healthier snacks available to their students.


Yes, yes; I did say something about a giveaway, didn’t I?  One lucky winner will receive the following:

    • HUMAN  Healthy Vending recyclable tote
    • HUMAN  Healthy Vending baseball cap
    • 1 bag of Boom Chicka Pop Sea Salt Popcorn
    • 1 bag of Wonderful Brand Pistachios in Roasted and Salted
    • 1 bag of Food Should Taste Good Brand in Jalapeno flavored tortilla chips
    • 1 bar of Clif KIT’s Organic Fruit & Nut Bar in Peanut Butter
    • 1 bar of Kind Brand Nuts & Spices in Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt
    • 1 ECO LIPS bee free 100% vegan lip balm

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  1. They have good snacks!

  2. I’ve seen one of these machines at Horton Plaza Mall here in San Diego. Not sure if it’s still there as I haven’t been to that mall in a while, but I did purchase a few snacks from the machine and was really glad I had the option.


  3. Much better option then those other snacks

  4. My favorite healthy snack is probably popcorn– and now I can say it is healthy as I don’t buy the extra butter kind like when we were first married 🙂

  5. I love KIND bars! These snacks would be great for pre/post-workouts.

  6. My fave healthy snack… er… probably pretzels with peanut butter!

  7. peanuts!!!

  8. My favorite healthy snack is currently snapea crisps — though I am a sucker for anything spicy, especially wasabi. You know what’s funny? A friend of mine messaged me earlier this morning about those sweet potato tortilla chips! She said they were fantastic and that I had to try them. Now I’m on a mission…that looks like a delivery I’d love to have show up on my doorstep!

  9. You know I love nuts, sweet potatoes and chocolate, so it sounds like these items are winners and the best thing is they are healthy…sounds like win win to me.

  10. Wow this looks great! So sorry I missed it! FYI, check out your mention in my Sunshine Post. Hope you are doing well Ann!

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