Happy Easter (late as usual)

Easter is always a sure sign that Spring is in the air–OK, officially it starts earlier, but the beautiful weather, spring flowers and gorgeous clothes and shoes are all starting to appear; not in the stores, but on the streets!

Unfortunately, my sleep cycle and the weather both took a turn for the worse this weekend!  It all started Saturday afternoon; my body was saying “woo hoo, the holiday is here!”  My brain, on the other hand, was saying “WOO HOO, lets PARTY!”  Sleep managed to elude me all night!  I did catch up on several great movies though, thanks to Starz–I finally got to see Eat, Pray, Love, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Up and bits and pieces of several other shows as I channel surfed my way toward dawn.

At 5:30 am, I was finally tired of trying to be sleepy and got myself out of bed, trudged down for my morning coffee and greeted the sun gloomiest, drizzly day off I’ve seen in a long time.  Instead, I decided to lock myself up with the computer and had a wonderful morning blog-hopping and shopping my way around the Internet.

All of a sudden, the clock struck 11 am; where did the time go?  OK, I dragged myself down to the bathroom to start the cleanup process; had to make myself presentable for Easter dinner with friends.  When I looked in the mirror–lo and behold, it looked like I hadn’t slept all night.  Was this a big surprise?  No!

Since I have my own home/office filled with beauty products, I wandered in to try to find something to perk up my skin (and my psyche–if you feel like hell, you generally look that way too; am I wrong?).    I ended up with a Luxuries of the Sea Fango Seaweed Scrub.  Twenty minutes later, I was in the shower scrubbing off the tired, weary-looking skin and brain fog.

Following this with the Moisture Lotion and my favorite, Luxuries of the Sea Spray Cologne, made me feel much more “spring-like” than the weather–which had moved from drizzle to downpour.  So much for the Easter Egg hunt.

I don’t know if it was the hot shower, the seaweed scrub or the wonderful fresh scent of the cologne and lotion, but my mood improved dramatically.  Its probably a coincidence but the weather did too; the sun peeked out as I was leaving for dinner and we all commented on the beautiful skies above Southern California on Sunday afternoon and evening.

In honor of this wonderful transformation, I’m going to offer you all a chance to experience my Luxuries of the Sea collection too!  When you order any 2 items from the Luxuries of the Sea collection before the end of April (contact me here with LoS Sale in the subject line),  you can get the second item for 10% off along with only $1 for shipping and handling; or if you order the whole set (shower gel, body lotion, seaweed scrub and salt glow for $90), I’ll throw in the cologne for free with $5 shipping and handling.

Happy Spring!


  1. It’s so true! When we feel horrible, we tend to look pretty darn haggard as well. Glad you had a Happy Easter!

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