Saying Goodbye to Downton Abbey

Goodbye Downton AbbeyAfter six years, it’s time to say goodbye Downton Abbey. Were you a fan? I missed the first season, but my mom hooked me into it during season two.

I won’t give any spoiler alerts here; because I’d hate to ruin a wonderful journey to this magical place if you haven’t been there yet. But Downton Abbey was more than just a tv series to me.

Downton Abbey and My Mom

It was a regular subject in my conversations with Mom. Every Monday morning, we’d talk about what had happened Sunday evening–what were the Crawleys up to, who had said what, and did you see that beautiful gown Lady Mary was wearing…..

Sure Downton Abbey was a British soap opera; but it was so well-written! Julian Fellowes created a world filled with real people; who wouldn’t want to sit down to tea with Lady Mary, or dish with the servants downstairs? And once in a while, the turn of events had us so upset we vowed to stay away, to quit–but really, how could we?

Downton Abbey was actually Highclere CastleAs the seasons progressed, we even half-planned a trip to Highclere Castle; visiting England was high on Mom’s bucket list. But when her illness struck, those plans (and others) were all set aside.

I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with her, the last year of her life. We had many heart-to-heart talks; about her wishes, hopes and dreams, as well as my own.

We were able to watch most of season five together; but Mom didn’t make it through the entire season. And for that reason, I missed the last episodes.

This year, when season six was announced as the last year for Downton Abbey, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to sit down and watch it. In fact, I tried to watch the first episode and couldn’t finish; not because of the drama on the screen, but because of the sorrow in my heart.

Saying Goodbye

With all the drama that had happened over the previous seasons of Downton Abbey, my mom so wanted to know what would happen. It was that thought that made me decide I needed to watch the final season; and I’m so glad I did.

What a time it was for all the inhabitants of that world; so many changes in that time, and when the final show aired, I think my mom would have had a big smile on her face. I know I did.


  1. One of the best series written by Julian Fellowes. I really like the British historic dramas.

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