Five Things to do on a Road Trip

Family Road TripToday, I have a special treat for you–a guest post from Kristin Stewart, who you can follow on Twitter at @InstaMommy.  Hope you enjoy it!


Whether you are heading out with friends on an adventure, or family on a much-needed vacation, road trips are always great fun. Before you head out, it is important do some pre-trip planning in order to ensure your trip is memorable.

  1. Take plenty of photos: First and foremost, make sure you bring a camera. Whether it is a point-and-shoot, your smart phone or iPhone, or a high-end SLR, taking photos on a road trip is key. It helps you catch both those memorable and “not-so-memorable” moments. Later on you can use those photos to print up enlargements as Christmas or birthday gifts, custom iPhone cases from Shutterfly, and even mugs!
  2. Blog and Pin: A great way to document your trip is to keep a blog. This way you can share your photos and experiences with everyone! There are plenty of free blogging platforms, like Blogger and WordPress, which are easy to use from anywhere. Blog posts can be as long as an essay or as short as a few sentences with a photo. After the trip is over, you will always have an online diary of this memorable time with family or friends. Consider also starting a Pinterest account to upload your photos from your trip. Your friends and family can see all the great shots you are taking and you will have a permanent spot in the cloud to safely keep your photos for saving and printing later.
  3. Car games: As the miles pass on a road trip, sometimes the fun can wind down a bit. Car games are always a great way to keep the fun going! If you are in a rural area, “cows and cemeteries” is a great game. People on the driver’s side of the car make up one team and people on the passenger side make up the other team. Each time you pass a cow or farm, the team on the side of the car where the cow or farm is located gets one point. If a cemetery is passed, the team on the side of the car where the cemetery is located loses one point. Whichever team gets to 10 points first, wins.
  4. Travel guides: Before leaving on your adventure, research the towns you will pass through on your travels to see if there are any unusual, offbeat, or little-known points of interest. There are plenty of great apps, like TVFoodMaps, an app for the iPhone that helps you find restaurants that appeared on various television shows, to help you find your way. That one visit to something unusual could be the highlight of the trip!
  5. Talk time: Finally, make sure you all talk. Sometimes, people are so “plugged-in” during a trip, they forget to talk to each other. Those fun conversations during a road trip can be what is most memorable about your adventure.

By the end of the trip, you will have wonderful memories, great conversations, and plenty of photos. Those photos can later be turned into great mementoes and gifts for those who took part in the special trip.

Kristin is a freelance writer who loves spending time with her family, baking, and being active. Follow her on Twitter @InstaMommy.


  1. Cute! These are good reminders for all ages. I have a road trip planned for spring breadk with my three teen aged boys. I am going to have some activities planned for them otherwise it will be a long drive of silence with all five of us with our headphones on!

  2. Cows and cemeteries is my favorite road trip game! After college I took a roads trip with a friend, and we played the game on-going for the entire drive cross-country. It was a tie until the last couple hours when we passed a HUGE cemetery and my friend lost hundreds of cows accumulated from the prior week. (I won the game!)

  3. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Congrats on the win, Kim 🙂 and Melissa have fun with your boys over spring break. Glad you liked the post!

  5. Great tips.

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