Father’s Day Gift Guide

father's day giftsWith all the holidays and celebrations happening in May and June, there is as much gift-giving and party-ing as during December, don’t you think? With Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, graduations, showers and weddings, and Father’s Day, you’d think the stores would have lines out the door with people shopping for presents.

As a rule, I’ve found Mother’s Day to be a piece of cake finding gifts–in fact, I collect things to give my mom all year long. Graduations, showers and weddings are usually a gift card, unless I know the people well. But when it comes to Father’s Day gifts, I really have to put on my thinking cap! How about you?

Let Me Help

So I decided to put together a small list of things you might like to get for your Dad, Brother, Uncle, Granddad or other deserving man. Please note that this post does contain some affiliate links.

Looking Good!

Father's Day GiftsFirst off, a great-smelling man is going to turn heads, don’t you agree? So a really popular idea might be to find something that appeals to you and purchase a gift set. As you may already know, I am in direct sales and offer a range of men’s products here.

A simple skin care set would be a great start for anyone who might not be into cologne. If he’s into a healthier lifestyle, you might find something here–from vitamins, to body wraps (he might be more into his looks than you think!).

The Way to a Man’s Heart

If you’re totally at a loss, sometimes you go with the obvious. Everyone has to eat (and drink)! Is he a coffee drinker? Does he like to eat out? Living Social, Amazon and Groupon all have a huge variety of deals every day!

If you’re still at a loss, I’ve created a small list of possibilities that would work for almost any dad and almost any budget. From coffee mugs and tee shirts, to bbq tools and watches. You might find just what you’re looking for right here.

Have you found the perfect Father’s Day gift yet? Care to share it with me? Leave me a comment here so I can check it out; and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Great selection Ann! Amazon is a great place for gift-shopping. Hard to believe it is just a couple of weeks away already.
    Raquel recently posted..DIY Gift Ideas for Fathers Day #FathersDayMy Profile

  2. My father is no longer with us but I know a few other dad who would probably enjoy a gift like this. Great ideas!
    Cid (@CidStyleFile) recently posted..Style Report: Fruity Inspired FashionMy Profile

    • Mine isn’t either; just my stepdad who is IMPOSSIBLE to buy for. I’ve always tried to give something to other guys too–just like every once in a while, I get some little form of recognition on Mother’s Day; it can mean a lot.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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