How to Create Vision Boards–Fast and Easy

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Fast and Easy Vision Boards--make one in no time at all!Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a stay-at-home parent, Vision Boards are wonderful tools for focusing on your goals, discovering your dreams and even organizing your plans. I’ve been creating my own vision board for years and recently went to a party and had an Aha moment for a simple way to create Vision Boards and keep them handy and up-to-date!

What are Vision Boards?

According to Google: vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal. Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.

The only problem with many vision boards is their size. Have you ever created one and then tried to figure out where to keep it? I have; mine eventually ended up on the wall in the garage; that way at least I could see it every day.

Finding Your Vision

magazines for vision boardsThe first step in creating your Vision Board is to collect a stack of magazines; it’s best to have a variety of titles.

At the party I attended, everyone was asked to bring at least 5 or 6; so we had everything from National Geographic to Coastal Living to Atomic Ranch.

Then just grab your scissors and start flipping through the pages; anything that grabs your eye–an ad, a photograph, a headline–cut it out and set it aside.

Don’t stop and think here; just cut or tear out pages.

Creating Your Vision

Now take this stack of clippings and start sorting them into piles. Give each pile a name–like Home, Relationships or Family, Business, Travel or anything else you’d like to work on in your life.

The last Vision Board I created had a focus on my home, personal life, health and a couple of goals for the not-to-distant future. I also included some words to focus my vision–like “Free,” “Take a Vacation,” and “Let Inspiration Bloom.”
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Now for Something Slightly Different

Get out your tape, glue, staples, some colored pens or pencils, washi tape, fun and colorful stickers and a stack of file folders. That’s right, I’m using file folders now instead of a big sheet of poster board–this is my big AHA! Fast & Easy Vision Boards can be made anytime!
In fact, I’ve decided that my next vision board(s) will be separate file folders for each area I want to concentrate on!

By using a file folder, or stapling or taping a couple together (as I’ve done above), you create something that can hold all the paper clippings you’ve designated for that “board;” can be folded up and carried with you; and can stand on its own on a desktop, dresser or even on top of the TV.

In fact when I’m at home working, my current vision board is sitting to my left on top of my printer.

The Affirmation

The final piece I added to my vision board sits on the back; you can only see it when the file folder is closed. A very inspirational affirmation printed on to a little card was brought by one of the ladies at the Vision Board party I attended.

I took the saying that is on this little card, and have created a beautiful picture that can be printed out and attached. Every time I open my file folder vision board, I read this affirmation to give my thoughts and dreams power.

Maybe you think this is kind of silly, but take a look at my vision board up there.

See that car? It’s sitting in my driveway now. That dining room table setting? I’m in the process of putting a formal dining table in my new room addition; and the relaxing patio setting is right outside in my back yard!

If you are interested in seeing the affirmation I used, I’ve created a great photograph of it and will be sending it out to my newsletter subscribers! So hop up to the top of this page and sign up. I only send something out once a month; you won’t get swamped with mail from me.

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