Del Taco Turkey Tacos–Contest is Closed

del taco and jennie o turkeyAre you tired of the lunchtime burger-go-round? Where do you want to go to lunch today? If you hang out with me, you’ll know that as much as I like burgers, they get old.

Hello Del Taco! I’ve talked about them and their menu options before; and I’m doing it again today. But with a twist.

Just in time for 2015,  Del Taco is re-launching their turkey tacos, burritos, tostadas and taco salads; and now they’ll be made with lean, seasoned ground turkey from a proprietary recipe from Jennie-O.

Turkey Tacos

  1. Del Taco’s Turkey choices feature lean, seasoned ground turkey; there’s 33 percent less fat than Del Taco’s seasoned beef but has the same delicious flavor
  2. Del Taco is the first Mexican quick service restaurant to offer lean, seasoned ground turkey as a protein choice
  3. Turkey from Jennie OTurkey is the perfect way to stay on top of your New Year’s health resolutions and goals; Turkey Tacos are only 150 calories each
  4. Turkey is one of many Del Taco’s innovative menu offerings that deliver the company’s quality and freshness for an unmatched value

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You can Taste the Freshness

I’m trying to eat healthier these days; trying to curb my fast food addiction isn’t that easy. When I’m at work, going out to lunch is a break I need–time out of the office to refresh and revive. So Del Taco is a great way to eat fresh, healthy and delicious food and save money and time.

Every Del Taco restaurant operates a working kitchen where many of their ingredients are prepared fresh daily. Their cheddar cheese is grated fresh from 40-pound blocks; they slow-cook their beans from scratch every 3 hours; and their pico de gallo salsa is hand-made with fresh onions, tomatoes and cilantro (they should bottle this stuff & sell it!).

Now for the contest

Whether you’ve gone to Del Taco and love it, or have never yet been there–here’s your chance to go and try the turkey tacos (and everything else) on me.

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  1. Because of your post about their bowls awhile back, those have become my favorite! I get the veggie one 🙂

  2. Love those Turkey Tacos!

  3. Now that I’ll be back in the States I will have to go try all their menu options!

  4. SARAH CHANEY says:

    I love their tacos, they always put a good amount of meat in them. I can’t wait to try the turkey tacos!!

  5. I like the Del Taco chicken burrito.

  6. Favorite is the veggie bowl!!

  7. Soha MOlina says:

    I like Turkey tacos.

  8. We make Jennie-O turkey Tacos at home, nice to know I’ll be able to get them from Del Taco.

    My favorite menu item is the small taco salad and french fries!

  9. Kristin Goodson says:

    I love their spicy Jack chicken quesadillas! And their tacos are yummy too!

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