Del Taco’s New Fresca Bowls

The New Del Taco logoPlease note that this is a sponsored post. I received compensation for writing this, however, all opinions are my own.

Have you been to Del Taco lately? Have you heard about (or tried) their new Del Taco Fresca Bowls?

Del Taco Fresca Bowls

Priced at just $4, Del Taco’s newest meal option starts with a bed of fresca lime rice and seasoned black beans. From there, you can choose from three different varieties:

  • Southwest Grilled Chicken & Veggie Bowl with fresh-grilled chicken and a blend of fire-roasted, red and green bell peppers, caramelized onions and flavorful Poblano peppers
  • Pollo Asado Grilled Chicken Bowl made with marinated, fresh-grilled chicken, hand-chopped pico de gallo salsa, onions and cilantro
  • Fire Roasted Veggie Bowl features Del Taco’s tangy green chile sauce, freshly-chopped pico de gallo salsa, and a blend of roasted vegetables

Del Taco Fresca BowlsEach bowl is made to order, chock-ful of fresh and tasty ingredients, and could be a great alternative to filling up with a tortilla.

The Southwest Grilled Chicken & Veggie bowl and the Pollo Asado Grilled Chicken Bowl each contain 4.5 oz of fresh-grilled chicken; while the Fire Roasted Veggie Bowl would be a great choice for a meat-less meal.

Del Taco Celebrates

Del Taco is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year (2014); after (what I feel is) a successful re-branding campaign to show their customers that they deliver fresh, quality, made-to-order meals. In addition to their Del Taco Fresca Bowls, they have a full line of breakfast burritos, as well as hamburgers, crinkle-cut fries and shakes. Oh and don’t forget to try their Caramel Cheesecake bites (to-die-for)!

You can celebrate along with Del Taco and play a game to win a prize too. You can find Del Taco on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, Pinterest and Vine.

Have you tried any of the new Fresca Bowls yet? Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I am a big fan of Del Taco and eat there often. I have not tried these bowls yet, but the Chicken and Veggie bowl sounds great. Hmmm…maybe for lunch today.

  2. OMG YAY, a veggie bowl! =D Trying….maybe, tonight!


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