Celebrating Dogs Every Day

Celebrating Dogs
Every year, the 3rd full week of September is celebrated as National Dog Week. August 26, 2016 will be National Dog Day. October is Pet Wellness month.

Some people may limit their celebrating to just a day, a week, a month; but if you’re like me, you are celebrating dogs every day.

Celebrating Dogs

I celebrate my dogs every day!This year was the 75th anniversary of National Dog Week, with the theme of “Man’s Best Friend.”

I don’t have a traditional family at home. I have a room mate and a group I affectionately call “the zoo.”

Two dogs, and three cats (not counting the occasional guest and visitor–like this) makes for a very full house.

There’s nothing like coming home after a long day at work, to all of these furry faces. And whether I’m gone one hour, one day, or even a few weeks–they are soooo excited to see me!

Celebrating MY Dogs

I do my best to make sure my dogs’ lives are good. They get their fair share of treats (OK, maybe more than their fare share; but who else am I going to spoil?). I take them on walks almost every day; they get car rides from me and my room mate a couple times a week.

There’s nothing quite like watching a dog who loves car rides. I’m sure you’ve seen them–with their head stuck out the window, wind blowing in their face, their tongue hanging out; and on the other end, the tail is wagging a mile a minute!

Celebrating Dogs Everyday with Just Right by PurinaAs an ambassador for Just Right by Purina, I have been able to share how much my boys love mealtime; and I want to share the most wonderful gifts I received from them (and Conner) to celebrate National Dog Week this year.

Doesn’t this watercolor look like my boy? I just love it! I also received a gift certificate to Pride Bites for personalized pet products. What a way to celebrate my fur-boys, huh?

You can Celebrate Your Dog Too!

Not only that, Just Right by Purina is going to let me help you celebrate your dogs too!

Just enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below and you could win a personalized prize pack from Just Right by Purina and Pride Bites.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Hazel would love this!

  2. Can I have two favorites? 😉 First, my little baby Yorkie who you’ve seen me mention (a lot, haha) on social, and my son’s service dog, the Labrador who hates wooden and tile floors but is the most loving big animal you’ve ever seen. They’re both our babies!

  3. Sierra says ” food? different food? Please? Please? Please?

  4. I had no idea this was Pet Wellness month! What a great giveaway, I’ll have to share it with my friends who have dogs.

    We are looking to get a dog soon, so I’ll keep this in mind!

  5. Adorable doggies. And what a sweet gift that watercolor was. 🙂
    I have two favorite doggies – my girlfriend and I have a six year old Frenchie. Her name is Mabel. And my parents have Princess, our adorable senior Chihuahua. Love them both the same. xoxo

  6. My favorite kind of dogs are Huskies and Australian Shepard mixes. My dog sulley is a crazy little pup with a big attitude 🙂

  7. Sorry, can’t just pick one! I’ve had so many dogs throughout my life and they were all perfect in their own way.

  8. Gloria Walshver says

    Rocky is a kind and obedient dog who loves everybody.

  9. My dog would love this he has a senseitive stomach!

  10. Jodi Hunter says

    I have 2 dogs and they are my babies, one is a cocker spaniel the other a pomapug, they are as different as night and day, and I love them sooooo much.

  11. We have 3, so I can’t have favorites! Mufasa is my favorite because he is such a lover and sweetheart. Scar is my favorite because he is absolutely devoted to me and loves to cuddle. Sarabi is my favorite because she is pure puppy and just loves to love and has so much fun and uncoordinated energy!

  12. I love all the dogs I’ve ever had and they’re always in my heart. Right now, though, I have a wonderful terrier who fills my life with so much joy. He’s cuddly and playful and mischievous and so loving. I adore him.

  13. the friendliest golden retriever

  14. Lisa Williams says

    I have 2 dogs,one is a Rottweiler,a big,lazy,lovable lug of a dog,his name is Balto, We also have a younger dog,we got him from a shelter and he wants to go explore everywhere,his name is Zeus.

  15. Laura Royal says

    I have two rescue yorkies that are as cute as can be!

  16. Rachel Mauffray says

    My favorite dog is any dog what will let me love them. My baby is Shiloh.

  17. My favorite dog is my baby girl, Toby Tangles. She is a 4 year old Imperial Shihtzu and the best dog I have ever had. She’s very loyal and sweet!

  18. My favorite dog is my 4 year old great dane!

  19. My favorite dog is my German Shorthaired Pointer, Hazel. She is a rescue dog and such a good girl!

  20. Holly Thomas says

    I have a sweet pitbull named Abby Mae.

  21. All the dogs I’ve had have been favorites, my favorites right now are my 3 little maltese’s:)

  22. michelle cavanaugh says

    All three of my guys are my favorites! They are our babies.

  23. Kristin Goodson says

    My favorite dogs are my four dachshunds! They are all rescues and have the most sweetest, amazing souls.

  24. JenniferAnne says

    I have a Sheltie named Jordan. He was a rescue dog and has been a joy to have as a companion.

  25. My pup is super fun and playful. She loves toys and tummy rubs.

  26. Erica Beaver says

    My dog is my daughter and her name is Pita. I love her so much! She loves to talk to you, not with a bark but with a soft how.

  27. Well Sorcha is 3 years old and she is a goofy girl. Her best friend is our kitty, Little Bit. She has gold eyes and cream and brown fur. She loves everyone.

  28. Sarah CHaney says

    I have loved all my dogs equally. Currently I have 2 rescue dogs that are just like my babies. They are what makes me smile everyday.

  29. Kathryn Mcneal says

    My favorite dog is our beagle mix Toby. He’s very lazy rarely leaving his bed except to eat or go outside, but he loves attention and can be very loving when he wants to be. If you sit on the floor he’ll just crawl right into your arms.

  30. We have a sweet Beagle mix named Nora, she is awesome.

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