Find Your Inner Dragon

Are you ready for more Dragon adventures? Here’s your chance to see new adventures and new dragons; plus you can see which dragon matches your personality–just answer the quiz below.

5 Things I Could NOT Live Without!

Trish over at MomDot, has created some really fun blogging prompt/carnival posts this week; and I’ve finally had a few spare minutes to jump on the bandwagon!  So here are my 5 things I could not live without In no particular order (ok, who am I kidding here–this is how I get through my day) […]

Living Well Wednesday-March 14, 2012

First, let me wish you a Happy Pi(e) Day today–3.14 for those math-challenged–or you can check with your local Polly’s Pies or Marie Callendar’s for their specials. What a cute way to celebrate a non-holiday!

Living Well Wednesday–March 7, 2012

The past few weeks and months have found me scrambling to keep up with everything I’d like to get accomplished.  Life keeps jumping into this mix to scramble things up for me–as it does for everyone I’m sure;  just enough to keep me on my toes, constantly thinking, plotting, planning. Sometimes I feel like things […]

Living Well Wednesday–February 1, 2012

This week, I’m hoping to jump back on the bandwagon with the rest of my blogging buddies; the last couple of weeks have been brutal–trying to keep up with everything that’s been going on. Like anyone else’s life, there has been good and there has been bad–it just seems like things have swung way off to the edge of each end of the spectrum for me (and my family).

Living Well Wednesday-January 18

Ouch!  This seems to sum up the past week nicely, if you ask me. And then we have the following day……

A Fresh Start

Goals and planning are a big deal this time of year, but how can you create goals without knowing first what is most important to you? So before I started my list of goals, I’ve been creating a list of my values and my dreams. That way I can make sure that my goals are going to point me in the right direction!

Living Well Thursday?–Take the Challenge

Welcome to another episode of Living Well Wednesday(yes, I know that was yesterday–have you been reading my blog?); this is a weekly meme hosted by Natalie Collinson over at Coffee. Cupcakes. Cards. Oh My!. Please join us every week, jump in and tell us your goals, your successes,  and what your plans are for the […]

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