Catching Up on Things

Time seems to be speeding along without letting me pause to catch my breath lately.  June flew by; on one hand it seems like the month just started, but on the other hand, I managed to get a lot done last month!

My first big accomplishment for the month was participating in the 30 Days of Faves meme over at The Party Plan Coach’s blog; with a big thanks to Lynsey Jones, founder of Party Plan Divas, for all her help and encouragement.  As a special shout-out, if you’re interested in what’s going on over there, please stop by the message boards and introduce yourself–its FREE!

Lynsey is also running a special offer this holiday weekend, if you’re thinking about joining the Party Plan Divas, you’ll receive an automatic upgrade to your membership.  There are so many benefits when you join, and with the special offer she’s running right now–its a no-brainer!  Just click on the Party Plan Divas button on the right to sign up; but do it before the end of the holiday weekend for the free upgrade offer.

Another accomplishment this past month was my completion of the 30 Day Challengeby Chalene Johnson; I’m going to do my best to continue working on the goal-setting/goal-achieving behaviors I’ve learned there too.  It was an eye-opening program that helped me figure out my priorities and set up some achievable goals to reach toward.  I plan on continuing to use all the information and exercises I learned there.

Las Vegas was another goal I managed to achieve in June (no, I don’t own the town; just managed to get away with a girlfriend for some R-n-R).  Fun and sun in Sin City was a much needed break from my routine.  Coming home was another matter though.

Apparently a colony of bees moved into the backyard while I was away; and being highly allergic made it imperative to fix this situation immediately!  My ever-creative room mate managed to find some bee-wranglers to come almost immediately and take the majority of the little stingers away.

I’m also going to work on growing my BeautiControl business and my team.  Right now through July 21, you can get the Spa Now Case for only $99; its a great way to start your business off at a discount.  You’ll still be eligible for all the discounts, attend Beauti U, make new friends through your business; and there’s still time to sign up to attend our Celebration at the end of July.

BeautiControl will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in Dallas this year and I don’t plan on missing it!  They’re giving away diamonds and cash, so I want to be there to celebrate with my friends, my team and my company!

Unfortunately, the end of the month found me down and out with a summer virus (according to the doctor); what to do for a virus?  I know you feed a cold/starve a fever or is it the other way around?  Apparently when a virus hits, all you do is sleep and cough (at least that’s all I did).  Happily though, I’m recovering from this too!

So begins the second half of 2011!  I want to work on my goals for the future; work on my blog more consistently; decrease my debt and increase my income; use the great tools I’ve found from some awesome teachers I’ve discovered; and share what I’m learning with others.  I’ve got ideas of what I want and where I want to go.  Now to plot my strategy and move ahead!

If you’ve got a goal you’d like to share here, please comment.  If you’d like more information on anything I’ve talked about, please contact me here.


  1. Whew! Sounds like you a busy little bee in June. Congrats on your accomplishment!. I am interested in finding out more about the 30 Day Challenge. Could you share details?

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