Meet Carmel Honey Company Jake Reisdorf

As part of the 2017 #LLBlogNotaConf FAM trip, Ann About Town attended a a media Q & A event with Carmel Honey Company founder Jake Reisdorf. As part of this event, we received a gift bag; please note that all opinions are my own.

As part of our LLBlogNotaConf activities this spring, we were introduced to 14-year-old Jake Reisdorf, founder of the Carmel Honey Company in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California.

We spent the morning listening and asking questions as Jake introduced himself and his company to us; on top of providing us with a delicious little honey-tasting and an introduction in the world of bees and bee-keeping.

Honey and Bees are big business for Carmel Honey CompanyCarmel Honey Company

What began as a school “real world” homework assignment in 5th grade, has been transformed into an entrepreneurial business that involves his whole family. Carmel Honey Company grew out of Jake’s passion for bees and for good grades.

According to Jake, bееѕ аrе а big part оf our lіfеѕtуlе and our dіеt. Many people don’t realize the importance of bees when it comes to life on this planet; but just try to imagine life without honey, or flowers, fruits and vegetables.

According to the BBC, half of all the food in the grocery store would be gone if bees disappeared. Honey bees are responsible for $30 billion a year in crops. Іf bееѕ significantly dесlіnе оr become ехtіnсt, our rеlаtіоnѕhірѕ, lіfеѕtуlе and dіеt will be drastically altered.

Carmel Honey Company

Photo courtesy of Lisbeth Coiman

Busy as Bees

Reisdorf loves to share his honey bee knowledge with classrooms and the community. He spends a lot of time (when he’s not in school) speaking with groups and classes about how critical the honey bee is to our future.

Jake attends local events as well, where he shares his knowledge with others; and also works tending hives and teaching others the art of bee-keeping.

You can follow him on some of his adventures by following Carmel Honey Company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest; where you can also learn some interesting facts about bees and beekeeping, and even find some tasty recipes.

Josh Gives Back

Carmel Honey Company supports bee research when you purchase their productsWhen you purchase a jar of honey from the Carmel Honey Company or place a honey bee pollination hive in your backyard, you are contributing to the research and education of the public on the importance of pollination and the benefits of the honey bee.

“Josh Gives Back” supports honey and bee research with a monetary donation every year, based on The Carmel Honey Company’s proceeds.

They support organizations who are expanding research and education efforts by addressing the production, nutritional value, health benefits, economics, and quality standards of honey bees and honey.

You can give too

There are several ways you can help too. The Carmel Honey Company sells gift boxes, honey sticks and sampler packs of their 4 varieties of honey–Wildflower, Sage, Orange Blossom and (my personal favorite) Meadow Foam–on their website here. You can read up about how each flavor tastes too.

Do you like honey? What are some of your favorite things to use it for? Personally, I’m allergic to bee stings–but I know the importance of bees for our environment; AND I love honey!

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