Candy Crush comes to Yogurtland

Yogurtland Sweet Treats with Candy CrushAnn About Town was invited to the Yogurtland corporate offices to attend a preview tasting of the new Candy Crush-inspired flavors. Please note that all photos and opinions are my own.

Several years ago, I found myself in the throes of an addiction–it was an addiction to playing Candy Crush on my IPad.

As addictions go, it seemed relatively harmless–until I started telling myself “just one more game…..just one more level; then I’ll quit.”

When I started losing sleep, missing time with friends and family, and getting blurry-eyed, I realized I needed to quit. I went cold-turkey and never looked back.

Until now….

Candy Crush Powers Up at Yogurtland

Beginning July 6th through Spetember 13th, Yogurtland will introduce it’s new “Sweet Treats” campaign–which will bring handcrafted flavors, inspired by the hit game Candy Crush, to a Yogurtland near you.

Every two weeks, two new flavors will be released, along with a collectible Candy Crush character spoon; there will also be two different collectible cups available during the ten weeks of gaming fun.

Candy Crush SweepstakesSweet Treats Sweepstakes

You can enter Yogurtland’s Sweet Treats Sweepstakes for a chance to win a year of free yogurt or an “unlimited cup.”

The following Candy Crush-inspired flavors will hit Yogurtland stores–two flavors each week–but are only while supplies last; so put that game on pause and get down there!

  • Orange Pop Soda: Swap your straw for a spoon and dip into this delicious flavor; made with real oranges and packed with vitamin C for a Sugar Crush Flavor
  • Maple Donut: Combines the warm doughy magic of a maple donut into a creamy delicious treat
  • Blue Raspberry Sorbet: Found only in the Lollipop Meadow until now, real rasperries are swirled together for this flavorful gem
  • Chocotastic Sorbet: We climbed the cliffs of the exotic Chocolate Mountains to find rich, real chocolate for our Chocotastic Sorbet
  • Salted Caramel Gelato: The Caramel Cove is the birthplace of this richly perfect gelato made with real caramel
  • Candy Clouds: Perfectly pink swirls of sweet and airy goodness blend to make this delicious cotton candy flavor
  • Lemonade Lake: A flavor so fresh and thirst quenching, you’ll want to dive into it. A delicious summertime mix of sweet and tart that goes swimmingly together
  • Cupcake Carnival: Bask in the creamy, sweet goodness of the cupcake circus! This smooth, yellow cupcake batter flavor will make you crave the Big Top
  • Butterscotch: Straight from the candy dish comes a flavor that combines real caramel and real butterscotch for a stickylicious taste you can’t beat
  • Minty Meadow: Real peppermint mixed with real cocoa will whisk you away to a refreshing jaunt past the Peppermint Palace down to the mint meadow

Candy Crush Power BoostersDon’t Forget the Boosters

Power up your Candy Crush yogurt with some Flavor Boosters too; from Color Bombs and Candy Fish, to Chocolate Wafer Wharfs and Sugary Squirms, these are also on a while-supplies-last basis so don’t wait too long.

I’m Addicted

I’m happy to report that my Candy Crush addiction is going strong. But at least now I won’t be spending hours hunched over my IPad, trying to level up. I’ll be waiting in line to get the latest flavors from Yogurtland!

Candy Clouds & Chocotastic Sorbet from Yogurtland As you can see, my latest addiction is Candy Clouds and Chocotastic Sorbet with a side of Chocolate Wafer Wharfs and a Frosted Donut.

Have you been to Yogurtland lately? What’s your favorite flavor combination (don’t forget the toppings!)? Let me know in the comments below–I’m always looking for something new to try!


  1. These sound amazing! Yogurtland always comes up with the most unique flavors and I love how they are always switching things up. I will have to try!

    • They are amazing! The only trouble I ever have at Yogurtland is deciding which flavors to choose (there are so many, and they’re all good!), how about you? Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I am a big Candy Crush fan when I travel. I am a bit addicted to that game and how cool that Yogurtland has Candy Crush flavors. A perfect way to cool down this summer!


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