Boudin SF Sourdough arrives in Orange County!

Ann About Town was invited to a tasting event at Boudin SF Huntington Beach. Please note that all opinions and photos are my own. Please do not use without my permission.

Boudin SF SourdoughBoudin SF in the Beginning

It all started back in 1849; San Francisco was a boomtown, full of miners, farmers and city folk all looking for a bite to eat (kind of like today, I’m sure).

Isidore Boudin started it all there, when he discovered that Lactobacillus Sanfranciscensis gave his sourdough bread a unique taste that people loved.  Since then, Boudin Bakery has become San Francisco’s oldest continuously running company.

Boudin SF Today

Sourdough Bread from Boudin SFEven today, more than 150 years later, Boudin bakers are making their sourdough breads the same way–with 4 simple ingredients: flour, water, salt and a piece of the original mother dough.

In 2006, Boudin SF opened its doors in South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, California. Since then they’ve been expanding across Southern and Central California; where they serve freshly-made breakfasts, lunches and dinners, keeping the Boudin San Francisco commitment by using simple, fresh and locally-sourced (whenever possible) ingredients in their offerings.

It’s all about the (Sourdough)Bread

Chef Alan Skyversky and Ann About Town

Corporate Chef Alan Skyversky was at the event I attended, to introduce Huntington Beach to Boudin SF and their great grilled cheese sandwich selection(see above).

From hearing him speak, you know that he’s  all about quality and a consistently delicious experience at Boudin SF—whether you are in San Diego, San Francisco or anywhere in between, he wants you to know you’re eating San Francisco Sourdough!

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Looking for a Deal?

Be sure to download and print this coupon to receive a free kid’s meal with the purchase of a Grilled Cheese at Boudin SF. If you’re a teacher, be sure to inquire about Boudin SF‘s award certificates you can give your students for achieving goals.

And if your school, sports team or other community organization is looking for fundraising ideas, keep Boudin in mind. David Keller ( is there to work with you and your organization.

Do you like sourdough bread? Have you been to a Boudin SF location yet? Tell me what you think in the comments below.



  1. I love sourdough bread and the food looks so good and I love sourdough bread. I have not been there in a while – thanks for the coupon!


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